Building Secure and Scalable Online Pharmacy Apps with React Native

Online Pharmacy Apps with React Native

Throughout history, humanity has faced the presence of both minor and major diseases. Also, there exists several ways to prevent and cure such ailments through medicines. However, in the wake of a decade dominated by a deadly virus that brought about lockdowns, border closures, and social distancing, something remarkable has emerged: the ability to have these life-saving medicines delivered to your doorstep within minutes. This incredible achievement is owed to the power of technology and the remarkable era of digital transformation. These advancements have not only saved precious time and costs but have also preserved countless lives, making a profound impact on people across the globe.

Today, online pharmacy applications are brimming with options, offering users so many choices and reaping the rewards of competitive pricing. And when these dynamic applications are built using the revolutionary technology of React Native Development, you’re just a step away from unlocking its remarkable benefits. According to a recent study, the global market size of online pharmacy apps is projected to soar from USD 62.14 billion in 2022 to an astounding USD 308.8 billion by 2030, with a staggering compound annual growth rate of 19.5%. It’s no wonder that React Native, with its arsenal of favorable features, reigns supreme as the best framework for developing extraordinary online pharmacy applications.

The blog today is an attempt to help you understand the importance of React Native in building resilient pharmacy apps that can assure a consistent increase in user base ensuring retention and can help reap long-term profitability in your business.

What is React Native Framework?

React Native Framework is an exclusive open-source JavaScript framework that empowers developers to create awe-inspiring applications for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and web. Built on the foundation of React, this framework is a renowned JavaScript library with an ability to craft stunning user interfaces. This technology can open the doors to several possibilities for innovation that can have no limits.

What is React Native Development Process

If your startup is waiting to launch a stellar pharmacy application, choose React Native. Offering cross-platform functionality, it has the capabilities to perform just like Native apps. Big giants like Netflix, Instagram, etc. utilize React Native framework. 

As a medical entrepreneur, you must know what it takes to build your online pharmacy application with React native, so let us understand the process first:

Step 1: Thorough Research and Validating Idea

To begin with, creating an online pharmacy app requires thorough research to ensure its success. This involves:

  1. Identifying the essential functionalities that the application should have.
  2. Determining whether React Native is suitable for the project.

For every React Native developer, it is important to create a checklist of features, services, and core functionalities specifically tailored for pharma apps. This step is crucial for two key reasons:

  1. Accelerating the development process.
  2. Minimizing overall costs.

Step 2: Availability of React Native App Market

If you’re looking for app market analysis, there are two essential websites you can visit:

  1. App Store/iTunes: Simply open it and explore the Pharmacy apps available. Take note of their functionalities that align with what your app offers.
  2. Google Play Market: Just open it and browse through the Pharmacy apps. Make a record of the functionalities that are similar to your app.

By examining these websites and documenting relevant app functionalities, you can gather valuable insights for your own app development.

Step 3: Finding Capabilities & React Native Features

React Native has some amazing features that are best suitable to develop online medicine applications for your pharmacy business. This open-source mobile app framework offers a range of cool functionalities, including Google Chrome Refresh, AppStore Shared Transition, Flipboard, and scrollable headers. These features make it incredibly easy to create captivating user interfaces.

Furthermore,  React Native also enables the creation of various layout types and animation videos by optimizing the framework’s code. This is made possible by its native performance-based cross-platform capabilities and component-based architecture. Development with React Native is rapid, allowing you to bring your ideas to life quickly.

And the best part? React Native is completely free to use, thanks to its MIT License. This means you can freely leverage its reusable codes to build innovative pharmacy applications and go beyond.

Step 4: Planning Your Budget

When it comes to developing best Online Pharmacies, one crucial factor takes the spotlight: the budget! And here’s where React Native shines.

Simply put, React Native is a JavaScript framework that leverages its streamlined syntax, allowing front-end developers to efficiently complete tasks with limited resources.

Naturally, the cost of developing a pharmacy mobile app will be lower if it offers unique and less complex features and functionalities. However, there are several factors that come into play when determining the cost of a medical app:

  • Document creation alongside business analysis
  • Prototyping and design
  • Development and quality assurance (QA)
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

Main Benefits of React Native For Online Pharmacy app development

Benefits of React Native For Online Pharmacy app development

Rapid Development

With React Native, developers can save valuable time and effort by reusing code across various platforms like Android, iOS, and web applications. Instead of starting from scratch, React developers can take advantage of pre-built components, making development faster and more efficient.

Another time-saving feature offered by React Native is the ‘hot reload’ functionality. Essentially, this means that any modifications or adjustments made to the code are immediately visible in the running apps, without the need to disrupt critical systems. This allows for seamless updates without interrupting vital operations.

Cost Optimization

When discussing the pros and cons of React Native, we can’t ignore the financial aspect. Developing medical apps can be quite expensive, but using React Native technology allows you to save costs by hiring a versatile full-stack team. While you may still need to involve native coders during the process, it will ultimately be more cost-effective than hiring them on a full-time basis.

Furthermore, React Native developers typically have lower salary expectations compared to Swift or Kotlin coders.

Goes Beyond Hybrid Performance

React Native offers a remarkable advantage: it supports native modules and controls, resulting in app performance that feels just like native apps.It is not about any minor changes, but, when it comes to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), there are absolutely no disparities. Regular users won’t even realize that these apps were created using non-native technologies. It delivers excellent UI/UX design, and enhances the learning process for medical staff but also introduces them to new technology, helping them become more productive quickly.

In contrast, hybrid tools typically offer a native-style wrapping for browser-based software. However, React Native goes beyond that and allows the development team to work with a wide range of native components. As a result, the final product has an astonishingly authentic look and feel, providing an immersive experience to users.

Scalable Architecture

React Native is renowned for its modular architecture, which essentially allows developers to assemble various functions and build modules. These modules can be easily replaced if necessary. Now, you might wonder, how does this relate to pharmacy apps developed using React Native? Well, it’s all about reusability. These modules can be utilized again in future updates or versions of both web and mobile APIs, especially when pharma companies adopt new equipment or technologies. This flexibility ensures that React Native pharma apps can adapt and integrate seamlessly with evolving pharma industry requirements.

Stability and Reliability

One of the remarkable advantages of using React Native is that the apps built with this framework remain stable and reliable even long after they are launched. This can be attributed to the framework’s ability to prevent any child element from impacting the parent data. So, when you need to make modifications to objects for a future release, you simply update their state and apply each change accordingly. In simpler terms, these modifications will only affect specific components, ensuring a smooth and bug-free experience.

Another reason to consider the stability benefits of React Native is its track record with major players in the industry. As previously mentioned, renowned companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Airbnb have successfully employed React Native in their own applications. This further attests to the reliability and trustworthiness of the framework.

Compliance and Regulations

In the US market, medical app regulatory compliance is influenced by the requirements set forth by HIPAA. HIPAA ensures that personal records within the app are safeguarded against misuse, fraud, and mistreatment. An advantageous aspect of React Native is its ability to facilitate the development of HIPAA compliant apps. During the development process, it is crucial to ensure that both your code and back-end architecture prioritize the highest level of security for protected health information (PHI).

Quality Coding

JavaScript operates on a single-threaded approach, which means developers need to handle certain loading tasks in native code. In React Native, which combines JavaScript with native UI/UX elements, you can’t execute multiple tasks simultaneously. Instead, each element creates its own thread, allowing functions to be performed one at a time. Consequently, the development team may need to duplicate functions using additional software.

Support of Third-party Plugins

The field of pharmacy offers a variety of medicine apps with different functionalities that users find useful. When using React Native, you’ll have access to numerous third-party libraries, which makes coding quicker and easier. Additionally, you’ll enjoy remarkable flexibility and seamless integration. One fascinating aspect is the ability to customize pragmatic interfaces within the framework to suit your specific requirements.

Our Experience & Work

The skilled developers at Whitelotus Corporation have achieved a significant feat by successfully creating robust online pharmacy applications. One noteworthy project in collaboration with our esteemed client, NUPCO, Saudi Arabia’s largest Healthcare Supplier, has not only showcased our capabilities but also expanded our understanding of what can be achieved in designing a reliable pharmacy app. Through extensive discussions and thorough research of the Saudi Arabia market, we identified the need for a dynamic online pharmacy application that would enable residents to conveniently order medicines through a powerful digital platform. This app goes beyond just accepting medicine orders; it also provides valuable features such as accessing e-prescriptions, setting medical reminders, and managing overall health activities at no additional cost to the users.

Final Takeaway

With React Native Framework, it’s essential to evaluate other alternative technologies that may be suitable for your future product. Compare factors like time, cost, performance, and other relevant criteria against native app development. By taking a comprehensive view, you can make the right decision with ease.Moreover, prioritizing quality assurance is crucial, especially when it comes to developing pharmacy or healthcare software. It’s better to invest more time in bug hunting rather than discovering issues after the launch.

At WhiteLotus Corporation, we firmly believe that in today’s fiercely competitive market, it’s not just about being the best in your field; it’s also about being the first. That’s why we emphasize code clarity and leverage the power of React Native to expedite product delivery. Contact us today for a consultation on medical app development for your company.

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