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Android App Development Services

Your potential ideas could be an Android smartphone app, a wearable, and a TV Android app, as a reputable Android App Development company we are focused to build rich, complex and impactful Android applications for startups as well as enterprises that are aimed to disrupt the digital world. With our end-to-end Android and iOS App development services that cover consultation, development, and maintenance, we ensure that you remain at the forefront of your industry and on top of your business domain throughout your entire business journey. Our developers are skilled in both native programming languages like Java and Kotlin. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, our top-notch and dynamic Android application development solutions are designed to take your business to the next level.
android application development services

Top and Reliable Android app Development Service Provider

The proficiency of our Android experts and their knowledge of integrating various native Android libraries and SDKs let us produce high performance Android applications that run seamlessly across various Android devices regardless of its size and resolutions.
Whitelotus Corporation providing customized Android app development services for a wide range of industry verticals. Our highly skilled and experienced Android app developers can help you turn your idea into a high-performing app that can be listed on the Google Play Store. Our Android app development services include Kotlin app development, Flutter app development, custom Android application development, and more. We also provide Android app consultation, seamless migration to the Android platform, and app maintenance and support.

We build functionally rich Android apps by incorporating
handpicked popular libraries

We specialize in crafting functionally rich Android applications that stand out in the digital landscape. Our team meticulously selects and incorporates popular libraries, ensuring that each app we build boasts cutting-edge features and seamless performance. From intuitive user interfaces to robust functionalities, our mobile app development services are tailored to exceed expectations. We are committed to delivering top-notch Android apps. Our handpicked libraries play a pivotal role in creating applications that redefine excellence in the realm of mobile applications.

Programming language that powers native Android App Development Services

With native as your choice, we provide best in class Android Application Development service using JAVA and Kotlin.


Official language for Android App development supported by Android studio.
ava is an open source object oriented language which is platform independent and highly secured. It comes with strong libraries and characteristic due to which Android as an operating system heavily relies on the fundamentals of JAVA.


A New paradigm shift for native Android Application Development.
Kotlin being statically type language is very concise, safe and comes with the biggest advantage of being interoperable with JAVA which makes it very developer friendly and thus resulting in smooth Android app development with reduced development efforts.

Our Product Workflow

Ingenious engineering process that yields smooth Android Mobile App Development to build consistent Android apps that meets customer’s specifications.

Analysis and Requirement Gathering

Understand, Analyze and Suggest. Together we brainstorm project idea, conduct feasibility from end user perspective, provide our suggestions to make the concept meaningful and better.



Design and Refine. We create wireframes and UI/ UX, collect design feedback and create proof of concept of the application to make sure it looks good from end user point of view.


Agile Scrum

Implement and Integrate. We follow agile scrum development approach to deliver a high quality product by working module by module ensuring smooth development and integration phase.


Usability Testing

Monitor and Improve. Every module build go through quality check, bugs are fixed making use of crashlytics and analysis tools to continuously improve the performance of the product.



Launch and Face Market. As your product is ready to meet consumer’s demand, we ensure easy deployment process on the cloud as well as across different platforms.


Tech Support

Scale and upgrade. We help you set prioritize with further development, make product robust by upgrading deprecated methods of coding to ensure its compatibility with the latest OS versions.

Select Whitelotus Corporation as your Android App Development Company

Delivering experience as leading Android App Development Company with our proactive thinking.

We believe successful projects are by product of proactive approach taken with common sense. 10 years of experience has given us great positive attitude to value and understand your product vision. We look at things from your business perspective and give lot more than just technology. We guide you through whole process in detail to deliver successful product.

Dedicated Team

Get everything managed at once place. We look after every aspect of project that covers designs, frontend, API and backend, database and cloud infrastructure management. Our powerful in-house team is ready to scale and transform your digital products by leveraging their proficient coding techniques and skills.


Providing 100% quality is the minimum requirement to sustain isn’t it? So that’s the least you can expect from us. We always keep a tab on proper quality code; follow TDD – Test Driven Development approach combined with agile to perfectly test one module before jumping on the next. We ensure to improve and improvise our QA methods that ensure production of great quality applications.

Adaptable and learning

We never say no to new. Learning and Adapting to the newer technologies that brings innovation have always kept us going. Implementing disruptive technologies we help our customers grow by providing them a platform to tackle competitive market. We thrive to process of keep evolving ourselves to stay ahead in market.

Embrace every challenge

We never say to any challenge that comes across our way. We’re extremely proud to own a highly qualified team who takes challenges as opportunities to be successful and believes that our success will be our client’s success. Our primary focus is always to deliver a user centric product that matches expectations of your end users.

Agile Scrum Method

We always convey to our clients that following agile scrum development method is an important key to create a successful project. In agile, we divide whole project into small sprints and these sprints are thoroughly tested. With such a development process in place we enable clients to conduct gap analysis if any and with constant improvements monitored at every stage we deliver desired quality product.