Fitness Application Development Services

Built-up by using advanced technologies, a feature-rich, sturdy, and resilient Fitness and Health tracking mobile application that will motivate users to choose a fit lifestyle and boost entrepreneurs and startups to earn big. Designed with great proficiency the app ensures the users get personalized experiences to social sharing options, customized fitness & diet plans, wearable integration, and much more.

Fitness Mobile App Development to Track Diet, Explore Workout Sessions, and Monitor the Health

Dynamic and a go-ahead web and mobile application that keeps your fitness and health tracking business thriving

Five years before, a fitness enthusiast had to spend hefty fees for hiring fitness experts and dieticians. But now, with the changing scenarios, being healthy is looked upon as being fit, slim, and good looking. Mobile users get attracted to convenient offerings that can overcome their hassles related to traditional fitness and diet maintenance problems. Technology has now influenced the sports culture to an extent that one just needs to simply switch on to the app that can track your activities, movements, and serve you with a brief work out and diet chart.
Whitelotus Corporation can fulfill the increasing demand of providing robust fitness applications that are developed with technologies such as AI, machine learning, and much more. Based on your requirements, we are here to provide customized solutions that can help your users monitor their fitness activities. Our developers can create sturdy, resilient, and technically sound fitness tracker apps for your business. Our team carries remarkable proficiency in using advanced technologies such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Flutter, and React Native.
We design a fitness and health tracking applications in several variations and combinations. By leveraging our technologies, we develop applications offering personalized workout programs and diet plans. Also, our developers help integrate social media elements into the fitness apps to enhance user engagement and gain popularity. Also, we help the users to track their fitness through their smartwatches via wearable integration technology. We are offer social media app development, fitness app development services, on-demand medicine delivery app development and more.


Core Features of Our Online fitness app development services
Access these features on your mobile and web apps designed with customized specifications through mobile app solutions

Get Personalized User Experience

User’s personal information such as gender, height, weight, and age helps them to customize the application as per their needs.

Customize Your Diet Plans

A virtual personal trainer who creates a personalized diet plan as per the user’s body requirements with several options.

Organized Workout Programs

Workout programs from beginners levels to advanced levels, with diverse Yoga and exercise videos and images

Keep Track of Your Daily Activity

Checks on the user’s daily physical activity inside and outside of their homes and finds out if calorie deficit happens.

Make Sure You Burn Calories

Tracks on the daily steps users take on an entire day and calories burnt while walking, running, and cycling through the day.

Flawless User Interface (UI)

Seamless and engaging user interface with neatly differentiated sections.

Social Media Sharing

Users can share achievements and progress reports with friends, family, and relatives, which boosts motivation and performance.

Wearable Device Integration

Integrates the user’s app on wearable devices to keep track of physical activities and exercise routines instantly.

Integrated Geolocation

Builds-up daily walking routes via integrated geolocation tracker and records workouts to check on the fitness progression.

Push Notifications System

Regularizes workout schedule by setting reminders on several sessions and set of exercises.


Users win rewards on finishing a various set of levels that includes crunches, pushups, and following diet charts strictly along with penalties

Multi-Device Synchronization

Helps synchronize different devices with the app to have an extra edge on the fitness activities over their counterparts.

Sleep Tracking System

Tracks the time user missed on having sound sleep for specified no. of hours with zero disturbances.

Check Your Daily Food Intake

Allows users to log their food intake to ensure real-time tracking of their calorie intake and find out the exact calorie needs as per body mechanism.

Consult With Fitness Experts

Users won’t miss the trainer in physical form with the online consultation and chat feature available in the app

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