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Enterprise Application Development Company

We work with medium and large scale organizations to build and deploy scalable enterprise mobile applications by transforming their business lifecycle in a simplified digital way which helps them to remain engage with their customers, partners and employees.

enterprise application development company
enterprise mobile app development services

Knowing about Enterprise Mobile App Development Services and its distribution process.

Enterprise applications are a medium to digitalize business process of organizations which helps to increase daily productivity and decrease the expenses. Numerous businesses face challenges running smoothly and efficiently whether it is about customer relationship, talent acquisitions, daily operations, financial transactions, inventory management or any other crucial tasks. Enterprise Applications bring together those aspects, facilitate coordination across departments and offer a customized solution to overcome those hurdles by digitalizing their business workflow.

We also offer best iOS App Development Services, Web App Development, Cross Platform App Development, UX/UI design, Android App Development Services and Mobile Application Development.

At Whitelotus Corporation, our highly skilled and experienced experts ensure data security and privacy while deploying the Enterprise Apps to the production environment. Web-based provisioning for the Enterprise application hosted on the public or private cloud ensures the prevention of unauthorized access by distributing installation URLs to only authorized users.

Why should you consider creating an enterprise app

Knowing these amazing benefits of creating an Enterprise Mobile Application will surely inspire you to digital with your business process.

It streamlines complex business flow of the organization accurately.

Direct data entry into mobile devices, no time consuming manual process and paper work resulting in efficient processes.

Improves productivity by synchronizing the functions of different departments within a single application.

Decision making process gets faster as it provides instant and quick access to important data.

Reporting and problem tracking becomes very quick on field thus it’s a great automation of your business process.

Lowers communication cost by reducing burdens on admin staff and work centers as it’s a self-serving content for filed jobs.

Operational cost gets reduced up to 40% by eliminating use of expensive hardware.

Increases revenue as sales staff can help customers understand your product or services quickly.

Customer engagement process like feedback and giving services gets faster which means higher level of satisfaction.

What should you consider while creating an Enterprise App

Increase efficiency and usability by implementing right set of features that aligns with your organization’s needs.

User Management and access control

In Enterprise app users are given access to the app as per their roles like Super Admin, Admin, Managers, end users (employees/staff) and customers. The motive should be to grant these users easy access rights and permissions to use the app which can be managed from the app or its backend.

Security and Authentication

Secure connection of enterprise app with your business portal and its sensitive data. User and device authenticationare doneusing data encryption algorithms.

Solid Backend and Database support

Enterprise apps are connected via Web API with the back-end which should be strong and linked to central database management system. It should support offline data access when no internet and must have easy backup/restore facilities.

Deployment and Distribution

App once build, it will be deployed smoothly and hosted on a company’s cloud server which can be AWS (Amazon Web Services) or others thus making accessibility easy for the users.

User Interface

Easy to avail, feature rich and interactive user interface design following the latest responsive and Flat UI trends. It should be clear, concise and interactive. Users should experience consistency experience across all mobile devices on which the application will be used regardless of screen size or operating system.

Multiple device support

Secure data flow over the nexus of applications working across all the various mobile platforms. It should be consistent in its function and should prevent data loss when operated from different devices like smartphones, tablets or desktop with different platforms like iOS, Android and Web technologies.

Alerts and Notifications

Enterprise apps should send required alerts and notifications to the users as per their role. You can send alerts about your service offering, special offers etc to your customers. For your staff members it can be used to alert them with the ongoing updates, status of the work status and much more.

Report management

Enterprise app users can easily generate different kind of reports likes sales, revenue, user performance, billing, customer list, project job sheet, field inspection reports etc on click of a button within the app in form of pdf, excel or csv format with additional options to email them, export them in device or print them directly from the app.

Technologies and frameworks that goes into creating Enterprise Mobile Apps.

We offer full stack Enterprise application development services using native as well as cross-platform frameworks.

Our development process

See how Whitelotus Corporation understand your business workflow and turn it into a scalable enterprise application that minimizes your operational challenge.


Analysis and Requirement Gathering

Understand, Analyze and Suggest. Together we brainstorm project idea, conduct feasibility from end user perspective, provide our suggestions to make the concept meaningful and better.


Product Design

Design and Refine. We create wireframes and UI/ UX, collect design feedback and create proof of concept of the application to make sure it looks good from end user point of view.


Agile Scrum Development

Implement and Integrate. We follow agile scrum development approach to deliver a high quality product by working module by module ensuring smooth development and integration phase.


Usability Testing

Monitor and Improve. Every module build go through quality check, bugs are fixed making use of crashlytics and analysis tools to continuously improve the performance of the product.



Launch and Face Market. As your product is ready to meet consumer’s demand, we ensure easy deployment process on the cloud as well as across different platforms.


Tech Support

Scale and upgrade. We help you set prioritize with further development, make product robust by upgrading deprecated methods of coding to ensure its compatibility with the latest OS versions.

Why Choose us?

Simplifying business process digitally as an Enterprise Mobile App Development company through our experience.


We believe successful projects are by product of proactive approach taken with common sense. 10 years of experience has given us great positive attitude to value and understand your product vision. We look at things from your business perspective and give lot more than just technology. We guide you through whole process in detail to deliver successful product.

Dedicated Team

Get everything managed at once place. We look after every aspect of project that covers designs, frontend, API and backend, database and cloud infrastructure management. Our powerful in-house team is ready to scale and transform your digital products by leveraging their proficient coding techniques and skills.


Providing 100% quality is the minimum requirement to sustain isn’t it? So that’s the least you can expect from us. We always keep a tab on proper quality code; follow TDD – Test Driven Development approach combined with agile to perfectly test one module before jumping on the next. We ensure to improve and improvise our QA methods that ensure production of great quality applications.

Adaptable and learning

We never say no to new. Learning and Adapting to the newer technologies that brings innovation have always kept us going. Implementing disruptive technologies we help our customers grow by providing them a platform to tackle competitive market. We thrive to process of keep evolving ourselves to stay ahead in market.

Embrace every challenge

We never say to any challenge that comes across our way. We’re extremely proud to own a highly qualified team who takes challenges as opportunities to be successful and believes that our success will be our client’s success. Our primary focus is always to deliver a user centric product that matches expectations of your end users.

Agile Scrum Method

We always convey to our clients that following agile scrum development method is an important key to create a successful project. In agile, we divide whole project into small sprints and these sprints are thoroughly tested. With such a development process in place we enable clients to conduct gap analysis if any and with constant improvements monitored at every stage we deliver desired quality product.

Work is identity

When we are creating your digital product aimed to leave footprints as innovative product, we know we are creating an identity for us as well. Your projects make us. They give us an identity to thrive in this competitive market and hence we value your consideration and time with us. We are eager to be known by our best work.

Long term commitment

We start from just an idea and stand with you throughout the product development journey to produce everlasting concept which you envisioned. We aim to work as long term partners to work phase after phase for every project and scale the product by providing best technical support assistance under our well organized service level agreements.


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