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We are one of the leading fintech app development company. We help you transform, modernize, and streamline your clients’ finance handling patterns. With our comprehensive domain expertise and skillful engineers, we offer next-gen financial solutions that enable people to invest, pay, and buy seamlessly.

Fintech App Development Services & Solutions

Break the conventional finance fringes to get agile mobile app solutions for personal finance, payments, investments, and banking

At Whitelotus Corporation, our universal offerings of fintech digital solutions make us one of the best tech-driven software development companies. With a proven track record of helping financial enterprises to develop agile and high-responsive mobile applications for their customers, we now understand your industry needs. Our fintech software developers are competent and proficient to develop and design fintech mobile app based on the current trends in the finance and investment industry. We give solutions that allow end-users to collate their portfolio values, gain insights on investments, provide wealth management tips, get an intuitive payment system, end-to-end banking solution, stock trading solutions, and much more. We also offer on-demand services app, fintech app development, restaurant reservation app development and more.
Our finance mobile and web apps cater to all kinds of financial institutions ranging from insurance companies, wealth management companies, private equities, investment consultants and agencies, banks, portfolio management companies, etc. We make sure that your customers get happy and delightful user experiences and can augment their financial growth capacities. We develop engaging and cross-platform mobile app solutions for your business development. Your clients can avail several features related to any financial services provided via your niche segment.
Our apps offer a gamut of features for your clients such as generating premium quotes, making payment reminders, smart analytical reports, providing smart investment advice, bank reconciliation, tax-saving strategies, security and compliance, payment gateway integration, to customized mobile banking experiences. Our talented team of software developers and engineers is here to deliver tech-forward solutions that follow fintech guidelines strictly. Our multidisciplinary app solutions are backed by the latest technologies such as Ruby, Vue.Js, Node.Js, Kotlin, Ionic, Phonegap, React Native, etc. that can develop best-in-class mobile applications to accelerate your business performance.


Core Features of Mobile Apps for Personal Finance, Mobile payments, Investment advisory, and Digital banking Get the futuristic feature-sets designed to take your app where the money goes

Multiple authentication systems

Protect your applications with two-step verification/two-factor authentication to gain utmost security of your data and information

Cross-Platform Functionality

Manage multi-tier access to your app to help users find track their activities and financial progress.

Loan-tax calculators

Calculate EMIs, taxes applicable, and premiums instantly straight from the app

Multiple account management

Manage multiple finance accounts, organize and execute your finance plans all via one app on your device.

Auto-payment facility

Automate your monthly bill payments, EMIs, SIPs, and premiums at regular intervals via this feature

Payment gateway integration

Avail this feature to make any kind of financial transaction possible from various platforms such as credit cards, API integration, debit cards, etc.

Custom reporting

Get customized reporting solutions to enable better analysis of financial transactions and to avoid any discrepancies.

Data analytics

Integrate your crucial data to send customized reports to your users and to keep them updated about their financial activities

Customer data management

Manage your customers’ personal and financial data for future references and to provide better financial services.

KYC guidelines platform

Keep your client’s data safe and secured by following KYC guidelines before the client registers or signs up for your app


Provide personalized and on-demand money investment advice and options to your specific clients by using their data and as per their budgets

Data security and privacy

Retains and establishes enough security and privacy of users’ financial data by complying with regulations.

Track Spending

Users can keep the track of their real-time spending and allows them to manage their finances under one roof

Transaction History

Allows the app users to keep track of their transactions and spending.

Accounts aggregation

Allow the users to collate their credit cards, debit cards, and other types of accounts to ensure smooth financial transactions

Sign up/Sign in

Allows users to register on the app and use it any time. Users can sign up using an email id or via social media profile.

Integrations - Discover even more possibilities

Explore 50+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Our extensive developer tools might also strike your fancy.
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