Web Application Development Services

As a leading Web App Development Company we help business to reach out their customers by providing them robust and interactive web application development services that makes a mark in this digital world. We specialize in crafting robust and secure custom web applications with high scalability. We provide bespoke web development solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business, helping you stand out in the digital world. For over a decade, Whitelotus Corporation has been delivering futuristic websites and web applications that propel businesses to greater heights.

Empower your Business with Custom Web App Development Services

Our diverse services as proficient web Application Development Company helps you craft the digital journey of your intuitive products by applying our dynamic experience.
Frontend Development Services

Frontend Development

We make use of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to design and build user friendly web applications which adapt to user’s device and works seamlessly in responsive manner.
Frontend Development Services

Backend & API Development

Our backend engineers implements server side business logic that powers your web application or mobile app ensuring proper data synchronization via secured web APIs.

CMS Development Services

CMS Development

Our experience in content management system covers developing dynamic B2B or B2C websites, corporate Web portals and blogs for every business needs.

eCommerce Development Services


We empower online businesses with complete eCommerce solutions by creating online stores and marketplace portals along with eCommerce mobile apps with third party payment gateways integration.

Progressive Web App Development Services

Progressive Web App

We leverage modern web technologies and its capabilities to deliver fast loading and easy to maintain browser based apps with native app-like user experience to cross platform web applications.

Database & Cloud Computing Services

Database & Cloud Computing

Our cloud experts help you choose suitable database and manage it on your cloud server infrastructure like AWS, Google Cloud or MS Azure to ensure scalability and robust performance of your applications.

Connect With Us

We aim to discuss your web application project requirements
in detail to facilitate effective implementation and Development

Choosing The Right Web Development Technology that Suits Your Project

We code scalable web applications fitting business’s custom specifications that last long by making use of cutting edge technologies and powerful tools.

Our Simplified Web Development Process

Whitelotus Corporation adopted agile methodology and optimized development practices lends creative web applications for your business growth.

Analysis and Requirement Gathering

Understand, Analyze and Suggest. Together we brainstorm project idea, conduct feasibility from end user perspective, provide our suggestions to make the concept meaningful and better.



Design and Refine. We create wireframes and UI/ UX, collect design feedback and create proof of concept of the application to make sure it looks good from end user point of view.


Agile Scrum

Implement and Integrate. We follow agile scrum development approach to deliver a high quality product by working module by module ensuring smooth development and integration phase.


Usability Testing

Monitor and Improve. Every module build go through quality check, bugs are fixed making use of crashlytics and analysis tools to continuously improve the performance of the product.



Launch and Face Market. As your product is ready to meet consumer’s demand, we ensure easy deployment process on the cloud as well as across different platforms.


Tech Support

Scale and upgrade. We help you set prioritize with further development, make product robust by upgrading deprecated methods of coding to ensure its compatibility with the latest OS versions.

Why Choose Whitelotus Corporation for your Web App Development Services?

Selecting Whitelotus Corporation for your web application development services ensures a seamless blend of expertise, innovation, and reliability. With a proven track record, our dedicated team of skilled developers is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs. We prioritize client satisfaction, ensuring open communication and transparent processes throughout the development journey.


We believe successful projects are by product of proactive approach taken with common sense. 10 years of experience has given us great positive attitude to value and understand your product vision. We look at things from your business perspective and give lot more than just technology. We guide you through whole process in detail to deliver successful product.

Dedicated Team​

Centralize your project management with us. We oversee every facet, including design, frontend, API, backend, and database, along with cloud infrastructure management. Our skilled in-house team stands ready to elevate and scale your digital products, utilizing their proficiency in coding techniques to ensure transformative success.


Ensuring 100% quality is not just a requirement but a necessity for sustainability, and it’s the least you can anticipate from us. We consistently monitor code quality, employing a Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach within an agile framework. Our commitment involves thoroughly testing each module before progressing to the next. We continuously enhance our QA methods to guarantee the development of high-quality applications.

Adaptable and Learning

We embrace the new without hesitation. Continuously learning and adapting to innovative technologies propels our progress. By implementing disruptive technologies, we empower our clients to navigate the competitive market and foster growth. Our commitment lies in consistently evolving to stay ahead in the market, driving the process of innovation to its fullest.

Embrace Every Challenge

Enhance your app’s functionality by effortlessly incorporating third-party services and APIs. Our developers excel in establishing seamless connections, guaranteeing that your app leverages the latest technological advancements without compromising performance.

Agile Scrum Method

We consistently emphasize to our clients the significance of adopting the agile Scrum development method as a crucial element in building successful projects. In the agile framework, we break down the entire project into small sprints, subjecting each sprint to rigorous testing. This development approach allows clients to conduct gap analyses, and through continual improvements monitored at every stage, we ensure the delivery of a high-quality product that meets their expectations.

Work is identity

In crafting your digital product to stand out as an innovative offering, we understand that we are also shaping our identity. Your projects define us, providing an identity that propels us forward in this competitive market. Therefore, we highly appreciate your time and consideration, as we are eager to be recognized for our best work and contributions.

Long Term Commitment

We start from just an idea and stand with you throughout the product development journey to produce everlasting concept which you envisioned.Our goal is to foster long-term partnerships, collaborating through each phase of every project to scale the product. We ensure top-notch technical support through well-structured service level agreements, emphasizing our commitment to your success.

iOS App Development

Build your native iOS Apps with Swift and Obj C

Enterprise App Development

Transforming your business process digitally

Android App Development

Native Android app development with Java and Kotlin

Cross Platform Development

Cross platform mobile apps using Javascript, HTML5 and Dart


Great way to kickstart your digital journey with seamless user experience

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As a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company we build various products that brings innovation.

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