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Delivering Cutting-Edge Software Development Services to Businesses

Leading the desires of your digital transformation by providing end to end custom software development services which covers consultations, product design, and mobile app solutions.

mobile app development for startup

Be it web and mobile app development or cloud solutions, we help startups to create robust solutions that enhance user engagement, improve brand awareness, and drive business growth for your Startup.

best mobile app development company for enterprise

As a best mobile app development company we offer dedicated expert developers and creative designers to delivering innovative and custom solutions for various enterprises.

software development services

We contribute to the growing digitalisation needs with our software development services and technical skills to empower government with better public services by leveraging latest technologies.

Excellent App Development Company Develops Next-Level Apps

More than custom software development, we partner with you in your product development journey by our best mobile app development services applying our team’s skills and technical assistance to deliver end-to-end product.

Mobile Application Development Company

As a mobile application development company, we build iOS and Android apps using native & cross platform technologies for business.

web app development company

We provide best web application development services to empower your product using latest technologies and best practices.

UI/UX Design Services

Our tailored approach towards creating and offers stunning UI/UX design services for your Startup MVP Development.

enterprise application development company

We streamline your internal business process in a digital way by transforming them into functional app using the enterprise application development services.

Explore Next Generation Technology Services

We build your fascinating concepts using innovative technologies to give unmatched and amazing experience across the web & mobile for iOS, Android & Windows – Hire Developers now!

What to expect from us as your Startup Development Partner ?

Get full advantage of our end to end consultation program specially designed for the startups to make your software development journey easy and successful.

Proof Of concept

In order to pitch your concept to the potential investors to secure investments. We help you bulid a minimum viable product at a zero cost within 72 hours by which you can assess whether or not your product will be accepted in the market.

Dedicated Development Team

Maintaining scattered team operating from remote locations is difficult & has communication hurdles, We provide resources to facilitate the idea of "One Team, One Workplace & One Result" to make the development process easier.

Technical Guidance

Get complete guidance on choosing a suitable technology stack & software architect right from the beginning to create a scalable and easy-to-maintain product that sustains future challenges.

Flexible Payment Terms

We understand the budgeting constraints for the startups & here are happy to provide flexible payment terms that bring financial stability. Get a fixed price for the project scope & pay us in convenient installments milestones-wise.

Cost Structure Guidance

Spending money wisely is important for every startup. We help you to reduce costs by suggesting the best possible alternatives on implementation methodologies i.e. Where to spend & how much based on your requirements.

Technical Support & Maintenance

Our service level agreement will cover full technical support for bug fixing if any & compatibility with the latest OS versions for 1 year after the first release to support startups in each stage of product enhancement.

Sneak Peak into our various technological solutions

As a leading software development company we build various products that brings innovation.

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Whitelotus Corporation prefer to work as their strategic development team wherein we not just look after the development but also share valuable feedback technically to build meaningful products. We have cultivated our mindset to support our clients in a broader perspective rather than just being their outsourced development partners.

We will help you in the entire software development life cycle from brainstorming ideas to pre & post deployment support. Throughout different stages, we will provide you cost & time estimation, project specification, wireframes, and other necessary stuff as we proceed to complete the project. 

Our tech agency has 10 years of solid experience in custom software development which covers mobile apps, web applications, website development and cloud services. 

We serve every industry that aims to digitalize their business process by adopting latest technologies and transforming digitally. From Startups to Enterprises, from B2B to B2C and Government. We are here for everyone!

We need you to share details that help us to understand your concept better like scope, wireframes, design materials if you have, reference to similar concepts  or a problem statement of a current challenge that your product aims to solve by digitalization. 

Costing model could be a fixed price, hourly or monthly hire whichever works for you. We gather requirements, analyze them, come up with suggestions and clarifications, then prepare a proposal specifying all the necessary details of the project along with cost and time estimation.

Yes, of course! We will sign an NDA to keep the confidentiality of your idea. Not only that, our in-house team will also be bound by the company’s Non-Disclosure clauses.

Our services cover Startup MVP development, Mobile application development, web application development, product design, and enterprise application development.

Native iOS apps are developed using Swift/Objective C whereas Android apps using JAVA/Kotlin. Hybrid platforms like React Native and Flutter can be used to target both iOS & Android. Most of these apps have the backend & APIs to sync the data between the server and apps.

  • Native platforms are preferable when performance matters and the mobile application requires feature talking with device hardware.
  • Hybrid technologies are recommended when the mobile application has less technical challenges and need to run on multiple platforms.
  • Hybrid app development are cost effiective compare to Native application development.

We use Github to manage repositories and for their version control. It records changes made to files over time so that we can recall specific versions later.

CR (code reviews) is an important part of the standard development process. Before releasing the version the code gets reviews by other senior developers.

Our team inserts the comments wherever it requires by keeping in mind that over-commenting is not a good practice where naming conventions describe the purpose of it.

The main methodology we use in our work is Agile, although the choice may depend on a particular project. An iterative approach to the work on the project provides us with the opportunity to regularly improve the product quality, and also constant customer feedback.

We will start working on the POC once software requirement specifications is ready. Initially, we will design & implement the UI of each screen and create the navigation of the entire app to get a better idea on the UX part. After that we will start development following agile methodology.

If you are unsure about how successful your idea would be, we can certainly try a pilot project which can give you or investors much needed confidence before taking it into large scale development.

We are flexible to allocate more members to dedicated teams wherever it is required. For instance, if the deadline of the project requires us to allocate more resources in order to finish in a given time, we will assign more resources to make it happen.

First we try to understand what the change request/additional work is and why it is raised. We believe to help our customers save their hard earned money where it can be. And if those features are really required then we start working on it after the customer approves the estimation provided.

We use project management tools like Asana, Slack, Jira, etc. to track progress and make sure on time delivery. To keep you updated about work, we conduct online meetings at regular intervals. Best part is, one of our directors would be your point of contact for entire communication.

Rest assured, all the deliverables will be submitted to you after project completion. We share it via email, dropbox and other repository tools like GitHub, bitbucket, etc.

We provide free technical support for 6 months after project completion which includes bug fixes if any within project scope. Hereafter, long term support will be available at mutually agreeable charges.

Giving 100% quality isn’t a thing to promise, it is a minimum requirement for sustainability. To ensure our quality standards we include periodic review of designing & coding. On top of that, we integrate tools like Crashlytics to get insights on crashes and bugs to make it glitch free & flawless.

We follow Agile development methods and have adopted a Test Driven Development approach. This way we divide the whole product into multiple sprints and work on them one by one which helps us to validate at every step before moving to the next one. 

We do support your existing teams to help build and scale the product. However, we need to gather some information like which technology stacks are used, what has been implemented so far and at which stage our involvement is required to speed up the development in order to  provide you an estimation.

We build scalable products so that enhancement, additions and upgrades can be done anytime smoothly. We choose third party services carefully from the reliable provider to avoid upgrade issues going forward.


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