How much does Android app development cost in 2024?

Finding the exact cost of developing an Android app requires enough brainstorming. There are numerous factors involved. In addition, you need expert inputs, lots of market research, and adequate knowledge about the kind of technologies to be implemented.
Further, an experienced mobile app development company you are looking for may be from somewhere other than your local market. What kind of app you want to make? Should it be simple, medium, or complex? Answering these questions and finalizing the exact requirements will be the first step. Have you done it all?
Even after doing that you may find it difficult to understand the pricing strategy of various companies according to their respective locations. So let’s get into the details through this blog.

Key Statistics of the Android App Development Market:

Investing in Android app development is always a better choice. Below is the tentative cost break of Android app development based on the kind of app you want to develop:
Type of App Estimated Cost Timeline
$5000 - $20000
3-4 months
Basic App Development
$30000 - $60000
5-6 months
Complex Apps
$70000 - $150000
7 - 12 months

Parameters Influencing Android App Development Cost

The entire cost of Android app development is based on multiple factors. Each of them is crucial to understand and analyze in depth. With that, you will know how the cost increases and the reasons behind it.

App Complexity

This is one of the major factors influencing the cost of Android app development. A big team of developers, designers, and project managers work relentlessly to build an exceptional app that matches client needs. Hence, to build an app from scratch costs money.
Complexity levels are based on various elements like app functionality, compliance requirements, mobile app design, etc. Here you must know the various levels of complexity that get involved.

Simple Apps

Simple apps need less time to develop. They can be created with simple UI designs. Hence, they need less resources and manpower to build. Mostly, such apps are developed for news feeds, blogs, email subscriptions, and profile management.

Moderate Apps

By augmenting the number of features and functionalities and enhancing the UI design, you can create a moderate app. However, the cost of this process will increase as moderate apps will use various resources such as AI APIs for building smart apps, animations, transitions, data encryption standards, etc.

Advanced Apps

Creating complex apps is a challenging process and needs input from top tech experts. These apps are built with complex features that have highly loaded data. Moreover, their UI elements are visually appealing and engaging. Such apps are integrated with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence for personalized services, more transitions, animations, etc.
In addition, complex apps are multilingual, have better data encryption strategies, and have third-party integrations. All this together will increase the overall app development cost.

App Types

What kind of Android app you wish to build is also an important question you must consider. You may want to target the platform of your choice from various types such as Native, Hybrid, or Progressive Web apps.

Native Apps

Native apps are created for a single platform. They are configured for a specific operating system such as Android, that will help developers maximize the app’s benefits. Various technologies such as Java, Swift, Kotlin, etc are used for building Native apps. The average cost to build such apps can be between $30000 – $100,000.

Hybrid Apps

Any cross-platform app development company can help you build hybrid apps. Such apps can be used on multiple platforms. Developing such apps does not need much time and cost. They can be developed with some of the best technologies like Flutter app development to minimize the efforts of building the same app for different platforms. The average cost of building a hybrid app will be between $5000 to $100,000.

Progressive Web Apps

They are highly responsive websites and can be seamlessly used on your smartphone. They can be built with the least cost. However, do not go by the price, as they are equally capable of providing quick responses on time and come with the ability to target multiple platforms.

App Category

Various app stores publish numerous apps from different categories daily. You must know that your Android app development cost differs based on the app category that you belong to. This is because different categories have different complexity levels, features, and kinds of content. All these elements are considered while understanding the overall cost of Android app development. Various app categories are:

Gaming Apps

The cost of developing an app in the gaming category is based on the gaming category once again. It depends on the level of game complexity, multiplayer capability, and graphics. Gaming apps like “Clash of Clans” or “Candy Crush Saga” cost around $100000 and may rise over up to $1000000. Overall, it depends on the kind of art, development team, game designs you choose, and the server infrastructure.

Business Apps

Apps like Salesforce or Cred fall into this category. They have complex features with CRM functionalities and can provide real-time communication. They are integrated with various business systems. To develop such apps requires an investment of around $200000 to $500000. The cost of developing an app depends on the need for custom development, the security features you want, and data management levels.

E-commerce Apps

Apps like Amazon and eBay are big online marketplaces. To create such apps, you need to integrate several complex functionalities such as payment processing, customer service, product listings, and various AR features for product images. The cost may go up to anywhere in between $100000 and $300000. Various factors like in-depth features and scalability also influence the cost.

Educational Apps

Educational and language learning platforms like Duolingo require several complex features. In addition, these apps need to go through several content formats, interactive tests, and progression tracking. For instance, in the USA the average hourly app development cost is between $50000 to $150000. Some major costs included here are adapting AI technologies, multimedia content integration, gamification elements, and various social features.

Social Media Apps

Apps like Facebook and Instagram today rock the social networking platform. Creating similar apps involves several factors. They can be the kind of features you want to integrate, media uploads, feed interface, video calls, chat, etc. The cost can be between $300000 to $500000. Since there is massive data involved, such apps are costly to develop as you will need some powerful data management tools that can highly perform in the back end with complete security.

Productivity Apps

Productivity apps like Mailchimp and Google Drive need data syncing through several devices. Here, you need robust cloud storage capability which can cost around $50000 to $200000. Moreover, it depends on the app’s complexity, the security systems you want to integrate, storage capacity, and user interface.

On-demand Apps

Food delivery apps like Zomata and Ride-sharing apps like Ola/Uber also are created with complex features like payment gateways, GPS, personalized interface, pricing strategy, and much more. To develop such apps may cost around $150000 to $300000.

Health and Fitness Apps

Workout and fitness apps like Fitbit and Cult-fit rock the show because they are loaded with numerous data and smart features. Various features like nutrition guidance, activity tracking, etc cost between $100000 to $200000. In addition, features like wearable integration, recommendations, notifications, etc. cover a substantial database.

Technology Stack

Android app development can be a success only if you choose an appropriate technology stack for your mobile app. Also, the amount of resources required to build an app depends on the tech stack. The tech stack includes development frameworks, programming languages, UI/UX libraries, APIs, and much more. Various examples of tech stacks that have helped in developing successful apps are:
  • Native app development: Kotlin, Java, Dart
  • Hybrid app development: Xamarin, Flutter, React Native
  • Web-based app development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Among various mobile app development programming languages, JavaScript, Python, and HTML/CSS are the most popular mobile app development programming languages. They are easy to learn and apply for creating engaging mobile apps. Developers who have expertise in more than one programming language can charge competitive rates to create apps that can attract clients.

User Interface

UI/UX design influences the users at a much higher level. The cost of designing an app is generally calculated independently as it includes several elements.

First Design and Conceptualization

Developers create initial mockups and wireframes to get a basic idea of the app’s look. It needs simple designs and costs around $2000. Complex apps need detailed wireframes and flow diagrams that might cost around $10000.

User Experience Design

If you want to create an Android mobile app, ensure you do enough user research and check out their different personas. The cost can go up to $5000. To develop a complex app that has multiple user roles and comprehensive workflows, the cost may rise to $20000, as it needs in-depth research.

User Interface Design

For a simple UI like taking notes, it may cost around $10000. For a more extensive featured app that has stunning and visually appealing UI that is embedded with creative custom animations and graphics in high detail, the cost may surge up to $30000.

Responsive Design and Adaptability

Your mobile app must be highly responsive and compatible enough to fit into different screen sizes. Hence, your development cost may rise to $3000. Complex apps like gaming apps need tailored layouts and attractive UI designs. Hence, it may cost around $8000.

Custom Animations and Graphics

Adding more animations to your mobile app may cost an extra $2000. This happens when you need advanced animations or custom graphic designs. Overall, the cost may rise to $10000 according to the app’s complexity and graphic designs.

Third-party Integrations and APIs

Integrating third-party login systems will cost around $4000. The type of integrations can be into payment processing, real-time data, and synchronization across different platforms all together costing $10000.

User Testing and Iteration

Usability testing costs may be up to $5000 which includes basic tests. Adding extensive testing phases like A/B testing, multiple iterations, and user interviews for complex apps will cost around $15000.

Compliance and Accessibility

Your Android mobile app will need basic accessibility features that will cost around $3000. Adding more extensive testing and major modifications as per the industry standards will increase the cost up to $8000.

Building MVP

For startups and small businesses, MVP (minimum viable product) is the most suitable choice that will reduce the overall app development cost. An MVP has adequate features that are needed to test the app functionality through early users who will provide feedback for future and final products. Hence, the cost of creating an MVP can also be divided into different stages:
  • Market research & Ideation - $1000 to $5000
  • UI/UX design - $2000 to $10000
  • App Development - $10000 to $50000
  • Quality assurance and testing - $5000 to $10000
  • Launch and marketing - $2000 to $10000

Location of App Development Company

The last factor that can influence the overall Android app development cost is the location of the mobile app development company. In addition, the amount of expertise the development team has is also considered. Some markets are cheaper while some extremely charge higher. You can hire mobile app developers who can meet your entire set of requirements including location to affordability.

Cost of Android App Development Region Wise

The Android app development cost differs region-wise. Below is the chart of rates applicable in different countries on an hourly basis.
Region Hourly Rate in $
United States (USA)
United Kingdom (UK)
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
The app development is the lowest in India and highest in the United States.

Effective Strategies to Reduce the Android App Development Cost

After reading this blog, we are you seek for a streamlined strategy to finalize your cost of developing an Android app. Therefore, we suggest the below ways through which you can manage to optimize your growing budget of mobile app development with efficiency.

Create a Detailed Product Requirement Document

To build a cost-effective Android app, you need effective planning and. Start with drafting a comprehensive product requirement document. It should contain the following details that are essential:
  • Finalized features of the app and its functionalities
  • Project Timeline
  • The purpose of creating an app
  • Estimated budget
  • Platform requirements

Prioritize The Features of the App

While planning the cost structure for your app, we suggest you do this in collaboration with your team as it will help you identify the most crucial and logical features that your Android app requires. Discuss the core features and functionalities zeroing it down to the most important ones. Prioritizing the features is very important at this stage as it gives a focused approach to the app and helps you target the right audience. After finalizing the features of the app, you can take feedback from the first set of users by testing the stripped-down version of your app.

Choose the MVP Approach First

If you have tighter budget constraints, we suggest building an MVP first. This will help to focus on the most important features as an MVP creates the first impression in front of the users. All kinds of users including mobile app developers will test the main features and its functions at the very first stage. Through this approach, you can save your valuable resources.

Select the Right App Development Partner

Last but not least, you must choose a well-experienced cross-platform app development company that can create a robust mobile app and align the costs with your budget goals. Your chosen partner must have sufficient experience in the Android app development process. It can help you fetch the best ROI for your project.

How Whitelotus Corporation Can Boost Your Android App Development Project

Whitelotus Corporation can become your trusted partner for creating the best Android application. Our comprehensive range of services assures you get scalable, robust, engaging, and resilient mobile applications that can meet your business goals. We have in-depth expertise in consultation, UI/UX design, software testing, cross-platform app development, and improving its scalability. Hence, if you are looking for a cost-effective Android app development company, Whitelotus Corporation stands out to be an excellent choice. We ensure your project stays as per your budget and provides you with outstanding outcomes.


What is the cost of releasing the Android app on the Play Store? Google charges a one-time fee of $25 to publish your Android app on the Play Store. However, you need to get through its stringent privacy policy which will take enough time and may extend up to hours or days, or months. If you want a quick approval of your app, we advise you to follow its guidelines that need the help of an expert mobile app development company.
The average cost of building an Android app ranges from $20000 to $150000, based on the project requirements and features needed. However, there are several factors responsible for the cost determination. It includes platform type, targeted audience, tentative time frame, and budget.

To create an Android app, you need at least six months to one year. If you need the exact estimation of the timeline, you can get in touch with the expert group of Android app developers.

Firstly you need to consider several factors before finalizing of cost of developing an app. You can use calculators that help you get the estimated amount of cost for a project. The formula is very straight but the real trick is in getting the exact amount to put it there in the formula.

Around 16% of Android app developers earn around $5000 every month through their mobile app development skills. And the development in the Android app market is phenomenal and unstoppable. Hence, Android app development is a profitable business.

Building Android app can be advantageous to startups and users too. Some of the top benefits of mobile apps are:
  1. Access to a massive user base
  2. Streamlined integration options
  3. Cost-efficient in different aspects
  4. Scalability and customization support
  5. Highly compatible with various devices
  6. It is an open-source framework
  7. Can integrate innovative features

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