The Rise of Food Delivery Apps: A Game Changer for Restaurants

How Food Delivery App Development will help to Restaurant Business

Food delivery apps have lately transformed the face of restaurants and also the expectations of customers regarding restaurants. Now meals can be ordered online and delivered straight to the customer’s home. Some food delivery apps like UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato, DoorDash, Delivery Hero, and Foodpanda clone are being extensively used due to the ease of use and convenience that these apps offer. Maximum restaurants are now utilizing food delivery apps to add value and streamline their business. Online food delivery app development company have now become more user-friendly for customers.

The rapid expansion of online ordering as well as meal delivery results from the culture of the digital era. Generation Z and millennials are accustomed to placing restaurant orders online and waiting for delivery. With more people clinching towards online food ordering and delivery, the market is budding, and businesses are acclimatizing to the shifting market. In this blog, we will look at some statistical data that states the latest trends in food delivery and also see how food delivery apps have lately changed the game for restaurants.

The Latest food delivery trends

The food delivery segment, in recent years, especially after COVID-19, grew rapidly in retort to the change in consumer behavior as it started to show more interest in this commodity.

In 2021, the market value of online food delivery reached $23.4 billion and is expected to grow to $ 42.6 billion by the end of 2027.

Grand View Research states that the food delivery market has seen an impressive ($354.28 billion) global market size in 2022. In 2030, this is expected to reach $2.15 trillion, a difficult to fathom.

Grocery delivery is expected to grow in the coming years, reaching 2/3rds of all food deliveries by 2030.

In 2022, with a market size of $42.5 billion, China is the biggest market for food delivery, Meituan, and Ele. I control around 80% of the country’s overall food delivery.

By 2029, the overall food delivery app industry is expected to reach a $165 billion market size.

Below we have listed a few benefits that food delivery apps have provided to customers that have become game changers for restaurants and a driving factor for a lucrative restaurant business.

Convenience and Ease of Use- Your favorite food is now just a click away!

Use- Your favorite food is now just a click away!

As modern consumers struggle for time economy and convenience, the popularisation of the on-demand food delivery app development has been triggered. People would rather order their food online than waste their valuable resources on the preparation of meals. The rise of tablets and smartphones has got things of your choice at the tap of your fingertip. The food-ordering mobile applications are quite easy to use, and they provide high convenience with effort and time saving for the customer.

Placing an order within a few seconds and getting food delivered to the doorstep with no more waiting time makes more consumers opt for it. Thus, More users are encouraged to order their favorite food online using the apps. Whether you are riding public transport or are stuck in traffic, with online delivery, it’s quite easy to get your tummy fillers delivered. The UI/UX of these food apps, together with the effective search options and ease of navigability, enhances the convenience of these apps. This brings ease, comfort, and convenience to the target audience and also boosts orders and sales!

Effective customer support

The mobile apps, with 24/7 customer support facilities, can offer the best customer support, assisting them with any complaints or need and answering their queries. Customer support has become even more efficient as with just a few clicks on the apps, customers can connect to the executives.

Flexible Ordering and Payments

In these food-ordering apps, there are flexible payment options for the customers to help them pay using different modes of payment that best suites them. The amalgamation of numerous famous gateways delivers cashless and supple transactions to customers, thereby inspiring them to practice these apps. With the help of food delivery app development for startups, customers can schedule their meals or opt for pre-orders. This brings them flexibility beyond the typical delivery times.

Delivery notifications and Real-time tracking

This feature helps both the restaurant and the customers. At every step, the restaurant owners can get updates on their orders and delivery process. This order brings added advantages for economic gains. The food delivery app development solutions are equipped with real-time GPS tracking so that the customers can track the delivery personnel who bring their food. It also helps the delivery executives to track down the customer’s exact location. It also helps restaurants to engage and retain customers with the brand.

Promotion of Business

With food delivery app solutions, now there is no more blind cost behind paid promotions, social media marketing, and SEO. This food delivery app is capable enough to perform all work for promoting your business. Most restaurant owners nowadays have been adopting this strategy. With the help of apps, they can now reach out to millions of new customers without investing a single penny.

Developing a positive attitude among the audience

When it comes to any service business, particularly when discussing food, the key parameter is making your customers happy. With the online food delivery app, restaurant owners can focus totally on their customers and deliver uninterrupted services and user experience. Ordering online foods from the Deliveroo clone, Postmates clone, and Justeat offers loyalty points to their customers, thus encouraging them to use the app more often. Customers can use these loyalty points to place future orders.

Budget-friendly option

When a food business owner plans to make their business online, the target audience will not have to pay additional service charges or taxes on food or spend extra money to reach you. It will help customers to save a lot of money on the extra expenses. Also, it is beneficial for the restaurant owners as these delivery apps greatly reduce the overhead of managing customer dining experience and delights. They can focus more on managing the business rather than worrying about some silly customer issues at their restaurant premises.

Current Scenario of Food Delivery

In recent years, various trends in the sector have turned into reality, and there has been growth in the food delivery market. Let’s look at the scenario in 2023 and what the next few years are going to bring.

Stacked deliveries

Stacked delivery is the recent trend, a term used when numerous deliveries are stacked to generate more efficiency for both consumers and drivers. Stacked deliveries are most efficient for organizations where the driver can serve many customers living nearby in the same building or neighborhood. Bug players like Uber Eats have already started exploring how stacked deliveries work.

Dark Kitchens

Ghost kitchens or dark kitchens are an extra branch of a restaurant, producing and marketing orders for delivery under a restaurant’s brand but without dealing with the public directly. Without the need to serve meals and a spec to accommodate customers, these branches help restaurants to expand their business with a minimum investment risk.

Subscription delivery services

Supermarkets and all other establishments working with drink and food are already providing subscription-based memberships with reduced delivery fees and special prices for their customers. Apart from ensuring a recurring income for the organization, it helps build customer loyalty who get their needs while they benefit from the special conditions of a signature club. For the subscribers, a delivery can organize special menus to deliver something different every week to the person’s home.

Own delivery service

To guarantee the quality of their deliveries to their customers, several restaurants have been taking the reins of the overall process, beginning with forming a team of drivers and investing in the delivery management software. In that direction, the first step is to automate the logistics operations, receive orders, and finally delegate the delivery to a professional.

On-demand food delivery apps: heads or tails for business?

A pandemic like Covid-19 can shut down restaurants, but a food delivery app will always help keep up with the challenging scenarios. It’s always a yes for business. Whether a streetside vendor or a restaurant owner, Whitelotus Corporation can develop the most reliable food delivery app that can enhance customer interaction and improve your audience base. From rapid deliveries to the first online menus popping up in all cities and offering quick delivery, it’s one of the most creative ideas. Food delivery apps made a significant difference in the way an individual perceives ordering food.

With less hassle in handling undecided clients, online visibility, and 24x 7 availability, we can help you save significant costs for your restaurant business. Also, using a food delivery application makes the food experience easier, pretty more comfortable, and definitely faster for the target audience. We are an eminent software development company and develop online food apps helping restaurant owners have a great grip on the target audience and the competitors. What’s your take on this?

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