Revolutionising Inspection: Unleashing the Power of Field Inspection Apps in Saudi Arabia’s Oil and Gas Sector

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In every industry, inspections are a routine part of everyday work. Ensuring compliance regulations are being adhered to is highly significant for business operations to run well. For oil and gas professionals, mobile device appeals most as they are away from computers and have to work in the field. Moreover, mobile devices can be accessed at any time and carried around. So, the exchange of information is made easier with this.

Seeing the advantages, major players in the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia have now been accepting new technologies. Field inspection app have been a revolutionary solution for digitizing and modernizing paper-based manual inspection processes. Including machinery, infra, and vehicle inspection solutions, these apps eliminate the significant time and hassle involved while compiling information on paper.

Some companies have started using field inspection apps to improve the quality of their inspection reports and boost their intra and inter-department collaboration, productivity, and an influx of new talent. Not only do these apps save time, but also, they increase team productivity, provide real-time visibility into compliance and regulation, and help achieve zero-waste sustainability goals. The oil field inspection solutions allow upstream oil and gas producers in Saudi to achieve profitable, reliable, and safe operations through the systematic execution of oil field tasks.

Let’s dive deeper into the use cases and benefits of using inspection apps. But before, it is essential to understand the emergence of the need of a field inspection app. So what can the reasons be?

Inefficiencies and challenges of manual reporting

manual reporting for oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry performs a wide range of offline and online maintenance and inspection tasks to define asset conditions and performance while ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations. Digital disturbance on account of innovation is a common phenomenon in the oil and gas industry, auditing software development being one of them. Professionals in the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia face several safety inspection issues. Some are-

  • Inefficient paper-based data collection: Saving pictures and then uploading them to a laptop, writing notes, and filling out forms, are some of the commonly followed methods of industry inspection. However, they are unreliable and outdated.
  • Inaccurate production data: It is difficult for technicians and field inspectors to conduct reliability checks, operator rounds, and inspections systematically, which in turn leads to an inaccurate collection of production data.
  • Regulatory and Safety Compliance: Apart from geopolitics and commodity price volatility, regulatory price challenges are faced by the upstream industry. This is because field personnel is exposed to hazardous equipment and substances and complex physical environments constantly.
  • Rising personal turnover and maintenance costs: The oil and gas industry faces huge maintenance and capital costs because of new challenges that involve pioneering technologies and unconventional resources.
  • Unscheduled downtime: In the upstream oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia, equipment failure is a leading cause of production losses and unscheduled downtime, which results in loss of potential revenue, damaged or irreplaceable equipment, and high maintenance spending.

Benefits of field inspection apps

For players in the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia, non-productive time is the top priority. Embracing digital technology will be fundamental in streamlining oil and natural gas inspections and operations, optimizing performance, and transferring knowledge to junior fieldworkers.

Reliable and accurate inspections are vital, so having verifiable, dependable oil and gas safety processes is vital. Field inspection app benefits oil and gas industry. With perfect inspection software, your company can enhance oil and gas inspections, their benefits, and realize other great advantages. Let’s consider the benefits in detail.

Real-time reporting

Real data is precious in oil and gas drilling. Mobile business apps can provide inspection reports of crucial information like equipment performance, pump rate, penetration rate, mud viscosity, and much more in real time. Officers can get real-time information regarding operations under their purview, and they can easily track on-field issues, resolve issues, call up historical data, and quickly turn around to schedule repairs and maintenance if needed.

This information offers decision-makers actionable intelligence to enhance decision-making. Inspections can be monitored in real-time to verify that they are conducted efficiently and accurately, a feature useful particularly while employing third-party inspection contractors.


Mobile oil and gas apps for businesses have made it quite easy for the oil and gas industry to capture field data more accurately and quickly. Fieldwork involves a great deal of data collection that needs accurate and quick capture. The inspection apps can capture and process every detailed information regarding field processes.

Also, it is easier for workers to access and report information on mobile devices than to work with hand-written notes in this field. The paper-based methods are more susceptible to errors and reduce productivity. Excel spreadsheets nowadays have proven to be inefficient and cumbersome for fieldwork. Streamlining oil and gas inspections is beneficial for maintenance professionals and inspectors if they digitally capture assets and inspection data and upload it to the back-office or cloud systems.

 Faster accurate inspections

A field inspection app benefits oil and gas operators and inspectors in the oil and gas inspection greatly. As the people responsible for determining and ensuring compliance with industry standards, occupational health and safety standards, applicable laws, and federal regulations, inspection apps make the inspection process more accurate, faster, and seamless.

The inspection apps can capture data electronically, thus giving decision-makers and managers real-time information that can provide ample time to resolve issues effectively and quickly and enforces company safety protocols. With the right software and support, you may complete inspections that would otherwise have taken days.

Incident reporting

Inspection apps help reduce equipment downtime, workplace injury, and financial losses occasioned by issues or quality from safety inspections. The mobile inspection apps can communicate incident information reliably and quickly, helping the production manager of the company deal with every situation in real time.

During events of human injury or equipment failure, mobile apps prove to be more effective as they can better elicit immediate action and response. The right field inspection app for startups and established businesses can help track incidents from reporting to closure, maintain inspection process quality, and increase safety.

 Process Automation

Because of the highly regulated character of the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia, automation has proved a crucial facet of maintaining safety, ensuring performance, and overseeing inspection. The perfect oil and gas field software ensures that all inspection processes are up-to-date and complete, maintains the most vital system records, and schedules equipment maintenance inspections.

Moreover, this software also can help automate the creation of work orders for all equipment repairs you require to undertake. This will capture every necessary information for reporting and ensure that no inspection is missed.

Data Analytics

Better data collection is the best way to reduce risks and ensure quality. The best inspection software offers powerful data analytics that helps you monitor and measure vendor performance, show improvement ideas, track quantifiable inspection results, and set quality performance benchmarks for individual and team projects.

Inspection Checklists

Inspection apps provide step-by-step checklists that help inspect the equipment, rigs, drilling rigs, platforms, refineries, and pipelines to locate online and offline risks and hazards rapidly. Also, they can help communicate safety and quality requirements to workers and help them follow them. Moreover, inspection apps can help store digital copies of all environmental and safety regulation documents. With Oil and Gas industry software systems like audit app development, a lot of errors and hazards have been eliminated to a considerable extent.

Use cases of Filed Inspection apps in the Oil and Gas industry

field inspection app

Oil and gas organizations in Saudi Arabia should conduct frequent and thorough inspections of factory equipment and infrastructure to identify and repair faults, meet industry and compliance standards, control product quality, and ensure frontline workers’ safety and health.

Field inspections are a vital part of critical infrastructure maintenance that ensures that on-site assets and other critical areas meet the required health and safety protocols and standards. Manual inspections performed by inspectors take a significant amount of effort and time. Field inspection apps, also known as critical infrastructure apps, can help to simplify, streamline, and speed up the inspection process.

A Relevant Case Study

The Challenge

Efficient maintenance activities and inspections are challenging in risky areas where electronic devices that could potentially ignite combustible environments are forbidden. In industries located in hazardous positions like Oil and gas industries, technicians must record log repair work details and record inspection data by hand instead of mobile devices.

This was the case for one of the reputed oil and gas company in Saudi Arabia. Their work became costly and time-consuming, particularly when facilities were shut down for computer-based maintenance and inspections to take place. They approached the top mobile app development company for the development of a field inspection app. If asset and inspection data could be digitally captured and immediately uploaded to back-office or cloud systems, the work of oil and gas maintenance personnel and inspectors might be considerably expedited.

The Solution

The mobile devices certified to operate in hazardous areas can run cloud-based asset management and data-capture applications that save money and time. Utilizing the expertise in developing field inspection apps helped streamline maintenance and inspection operations to increase the uptime in the oil and gas industry. Industrial mobile software applications optimize data capture for greater efficiency in the maintenance and inspection of hazardous area equipment.

With the incorporation of mobile auto-ID technology like plus strategies comprising RBI (Risk-based Inspection) analysis, and RFID tags, the app makes hazardous area inspections intelligent and mobile thereby improving asset life, reliability, and improving efficiency.

The Results

Finishing hazardous area equipment inspections enables the solution results in:

Improving the accuracy of data via pen and paper vs. real-time digital capture

Maintaining a core database location for many users to simultaneously edit

Visualizing RBI thresholds and alerts for work orders, areas, and tags

Time stamping activities and records for continuity and compliance

Syncing ERP with work order notifications

Recording data to the back-office systems based on the cloud

Performing onsite asset integrity data analysis

Accessing information on equipment design, process safety management information, and maintenance records

Inventory assets

 Ordering replacement service or parts

Communicating with team members and offsite experts

Consulting digital manuals

Capturing video and photo data about assets

Completing digital checklists and inspection forms

Cloud connecting maintenance personnel or inspector’s activities for real-time, traceable reporting

How can Whitelotus Corporation help develop a robust field inspection app for your oil and gas company?

Whitelotus offers a complete digitized field inspection app for startups featured with real-time visibility, efficient team management, and the quickest audit management. Digitize your business with our all-inclusive, smart, and insightful audit app development solutions. Now conduct paperless field inspections on your favorite device and, with great efficiency and ease, capture every detail. Audit dashboards and reports are vital for any internal auditing software. Choose the right company for internal auditing software development in your oil and energy company.

Our Solutions

Smooth and easy syncing of data: Supervisors and field agents can fill out forms easily, share inspection videos, and click images on their mobiles with the help of this Oil Field Inspection Solution Application. The data can be uploaded in real-time on the app, which ensures misplacing of data or zero loss, which is possible highly by manual data collection. Storing, collecting, sending, tracking, and resolving problems between different departments can be performed with just a single click.

Check-Ins: You can check into locations and facilities pressing a small button with the help of the app. The administrative staff is given access to log in and maintain tabs on all field inspectors and employees who have checked in. Moreover, if someone is working at any risky location, instantly, the employee can click the emergency button to send notification alerts to his field supervisors.


The oil inspection solution helps companies organize their inspection data effectively, making it easily accessible. This ensures increased field-force productivity, better information flow, and on-demand intelligence.


Our oil field inspection solution is ideal for your needs of field inspection as it facilitates-

Lower unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs

Accurate production of data

Improved regulatory and safety compliance

Continuous real-time recording of data

What can we offer?

Spot and prevent accidents and failures with EH&S procedures, rounds, and digital inspections

Mobile and cloud solution that syncs crucial data in real-time with the admin panel

Checklists and inspection forms to conduct detailed and complex inspections

Field inspectors will be able to assign priority issues to any problem

New issues regarding notes, videos, and images can be recorded directly on your mobile device

Oil field inspection solutions could be accessed from anywhere on mobile devices of users

Cost-effective strategy for monitoring non-instrumented, remote assets thereby guaranteeing equipment reliability

All your data is regularly backed up and SSL-encrypted for security and privacy purposes

Built-in GPS enables check-ins for employees and inspectors to monitor work productivity

Wrapping up

In a highly regulated and dangerous field like the oil and gas industry in Saudi, actionable, accurate, and fast information makes all the difference. Accelerate processes, protect assets, optimize asset management, reduce onsite risks, minimize supply disruptions, and ensure compliance by embracing the digital technology solutions that can transform your operations.

Whitelotus, the top mobile app development company India, authorizes you to take charge of the inspection process, thereby helping you optimize your process and maintain a first-time quality approach. Being the top mobile app development company India, Whitelotus provides oil and gas teams with powerful insights, standardized operations, and consistent data to enrich backend teams and onsite operations. We are offer our mobile app development in Saudi Arabia, MENA region also 

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