Pros and Cons of Flutter App Development

Pros and Cons of Flutter App Development

You must already have had an interactive experience with Flutter-powered apps without knowing it is made with Flutter. If you have run a successful ad campaign on Google Ads or experienced a streamlined payment experience through Google Pay, know that you are using the power of Flutter app development. And if not that, which in case we guess is impossible, you must have surely got connected with the vibrant world of social media through the New York Times app or grooved into your smart home cozy lights with the impactful outcome of the Phillips Hue App, then, you unwittingly are interacting with Flutter.

The versatility of Flutter and its popularity have left an enduring mark on numerous aspects of our digital lives. Impressively, Flutter is the best choice due to its ability to create apps for iOS and Android all from a single and unified codebase. Sounds remarkable, isn’t it? Well, if you are still not convinced by such promises, we are here to help you gain more clarity with the pros and cons that come together while embarking on this exciting journey of cross-platform mobile app development.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned developer, you must know reasons to use Flutter and get the solution you are searching for in your app dream. So let us unfold the facts for you.

Flutter Overview

Flutter is an open-source UI framework and developed by Google used to build outstanding cross-platform applications from a single codebase. The two key components of Flutter are framework and SDK (Software Development Kit). As a framework, Flutter provides a well-structured architecture to build robust software with a set of tools required to fill the gaps through code. As an SDK, Flutter comes with a much wider scope offering you a collection of tools that include libraries, different sets of frameworks, APIs, and documentation. Hence, Flutter contains everything that you need to build a complete cross-platform application.

Some of the top features of Flutter are:

  1. Hot Reload: Developers can see the changes made in the code instantly in the app, enabling them to do more experimentation, and reducing time in fixing bugs.
  2. Access to Native Features: With third-party integrations, developers can access native features with Flutter, by reusing Kotlin and Swift for app development.
  3. Flutter App Builder: This is a tool that provides features that can be used to build an app quickly, especially for prototyping, MVPs, and user testing.

The below table will help you to have a quick glance over the pros and cons of Flutter:

Pros and Cons of Flutter App Development

Pros of Flutter

Many Platforms, One Single Codebase

You can use your app everywhere once created with Flutter. All you need is to develop it once with the Flutter programming language that is called Dart. It helps developers to write code only once and then deploy it across multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and even on desktop. With Flutter, you can reach out to your customers located on several platforms, saving you time and effort to make separate codebases for different platforms.

Lower Development Cost

When you develop your app with Flutter, rest assured that it costs comparatively less than other frameworks due to its cross-platform compatibility. By maintaining a single codebase for different platforms, developers can eliminate time and effort and can streamline the entire Flutter app development process. Moreover, you can reach out to a wider audience without spending extra on building two separate native apps.

Quick Time to Market

Flutter app development services can give you responsive apps that can reduce time-to-market. Often it becomes hard to predict which platform versions take what amount of time for development. Flutter in that case plays a significant role by making cross-platform apps for your entire user base available on multiple platforms.

Active Community and Open Source Framework

The framework of Flutter is open source and is freely available, enabling developers to tailor and modify or scale Flutter apps as per the requirement. In addition, with the support of its active community, developers enjoy the collaborative environment, sharing each other’s knowledge, and contributing to growth and framework improvement. The marvelous combination of openness and community promotes innovation and the continuous enhancement of Flutter’s potential.

Thriving Ecosystem

Numerous Flutter developers are playing a significant role in the growth and development of Flutter technology and app owners. With the rapidly expanding ecosystem of this framework, the number of packages, tools, and libraries has increased for Flutter app development. With these resources, various functionalities help developers harness the present solutions with accelerated growth. Some of the resources are networking, state management, database integration, and much more. This thriving ecosystem leads to improved productivity in terms of delivering robust and feature-packed applications.

Cons of Flutter

Size Matters

For some users, Flutter apps with large file sizes can be a concern, in case you have limited storage space on the devices. Longer download duration and large storage space can impact large apps. However, this problem can be mitigated with smart optimization techniques. For such a scenario, you can download additional Dart code and assets at runtime and can install smaller APK sizes, downloading features and assets as and when the user needs them. 

Limited Tools and Libraries

Users have very limited storage on their devices. As per the nature of Flutter, it easily integrates with any native API using platform channels. However, if any library or service stops supporting Flutter, get ready to work more with it. 

There is nothing to worry about this problem! Flutter has an expanding community that leads to its continuous development, causing a minor problem for developers.

Dart Adoption

By adopting the Dart programming language, Flutter may run relatively at a lower pace than other popularly known languages. Being a new language, its server frameworks have already been prepared like Serverprod and Dart Frog.

iOS Issues

As Flutter is developed by Google, its implementation on iOS becomes challenging sometimes. Google directly fixes bugs within the shortest possible time, by building Android apps on Flutter. Recently, Flutter has updated with a pixel-perfect iOS appearance incorporated in iPhone settings by creating a framework enabling the Cupertino widgets based only on iOS 10 and iOS 11.

Top Companies Using Apps Built With Flutter

Top Companies Using Apps Built With Flutter

Google pay

Google Pay is one of the most popular and highly used apps for online transactions. This powerful digital wallet built with Flutter, can be installed on Android and iOS for making online purchases as well as at physical stores. Flutter is the perfect fit for such apps as Google wanted to enhance the functionality of this app.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a Google initiative to run online advertising. You can create online advertisements for your target audience looking for products and services they need in their daily lives. Powered by Flutter App development services, the app has its intelligence and can independently provide rapid insights with quick ad alerts. The app has features like campaign data, live notifications, real-time budget, keyword tweaking, and much more.

eBay motors

Similar to Ebay, this brand new Ebay  Motors app works as a buy-and-sell platform. One of the largest marketplaces for people, it helps to search, buy, or sell motor vehicles. Flutter in that case serves as a developer-friendly and user-friendly framework. With this platform, eBay could complete all its tasks with great efficiency and productivity. 


This is one similar app that is thriving on both the platforms, iOS and Android. Used by BMW drivers for finding parking spaces, POIs, and location sharing, the Flutter framework assists them in enhancing the app functionality and ensuring complete user-friendliness with a lightweight interface.


One of the largest e-commerce companies, the Alibaba app is built with Flutter. The company needed a robust, efficient, and scalable framework and only Flutter could provide the flexibility and stability required to facilitate the app’s complex features and burgeoning user base.

Hamilton Musical

The Broadway musical app, Hamilton Musical, empowered by Flutter provides exclusive content to its fans. With daily lotteries for show tickets and a pool of production information, this app is visually stunning. With Flutter, the app can provide immersive and engaging experiences to its users.

When should we use Flutter?

- To build MVP

With Flutter, you can build your application faster than other frameworks. Its cross-platform SDK functionality and builder tools with numerous UI widgets make it one of the fastest code-writing frameworks. Moreover, it fixes the issues faster and can perform user testing rapidly. Overall, it saves a lot of time and effort and becomes cost-effective to build mobile app MVP for pitching to investors. 

- For complex UI

Flutter gives the compatibility to control each pixel on the screen. The application will look the same even if used on new or old devices. Its SDK feature can build complex and impressive UIs seamlessly, without impacting the app performance. So, in case you need some special treatment for your app in terms of a better interface, choose Flutter.

- For excellent performance

Unlike platforms like React Native, Flutter does not need a Javascript bridge. It can perform faster and better without any lags and cutting. Choose Flutter if your priority is speed and performance while building the application. 

- When there is a time limit

The quick code writing feature enables speed to perform the entire software development process. Developers enjoy working with such scenarios and can design apps easily by using the cool widgets for complex UIs. In addition, the Hot Reload feature ensures quicker bug fixing, and rapid changes in the app, reducing time for testing. 

The Future of Flutter App Development

Flutter has a promising future due to its growing popularity among developers and organizations. Recently, Flutter has grown significantly to become the topmost framework used by the majority of developers to build stellar mobile applications. Flutter will continue to evolve and become better with the changing times. Over the years, it will offer a more powerful tool to create modern applications. Google will not settle down with the best, continuing to invest in making it excellent and perfect by adding new features and fixing its bugs. With a large community of developers, Flutter will ensure abundant growth and productivity for companies worldwide.

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