Why Flutter is The Ultimate Option To Build a Mobile App MVP?

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Why is Flutter highly used for mobile app development?

Why every business owner wants a perfect web app development framework?

With a gamut of app development frameworks and technologies available, choosing the best one becomes difficult.

However, all of them do not have multifaceted features and benefits. Unless it is Flutter.

Every mobile app creator’s dream is Flutter. The framework can phenomenally reduce development time, can cut down mobile app development cost, allows you to focus on business productivity, and provide faster services in tune with the changing trends.

With a rendering engine, APIs for testing and integration, pre-built and easy-to-implement widgets, and command-line tools, Flutter can make coding simple. It has every tool you need to build an app that aims to perform well.

Consumers can experience the Flutter app as native on both Android and iOS platforms. Generally, it is used by organisations of various scales, however, startups are seen picking up Flutter the most.

What is MVP and Why MVP Apps Are Important For Startups?

A Minimum Variable Product (MVP) is the basic required and stripped-down version of a product. The purpose of building MVP is to establish the value of the product idea. A simple version of the app is created to test within a selected group of users. They are called beta users who help improve the app’s performance. MVPs cut down time and money and can create better products.

While the founders fight tough competition having a startup and aiming to take it to the finish line, the majority of them tend to fail. To provide a genuine fighting chance, they require suitable development options that are viable and immensely powerful without spending more out of their budgets.

To get their idea off the ground, initially, the MVP app is created with the motive to experiment with the idea among a group of users. Being the most crucial part of the early experimentation process, MVPs also remain important throughout the business lifetime. MVPs help in testing new technologies and open the avenues of exploring new ideas leading to scaling up the product.

Lately, Flutter and MVP are gaining a deeper connection in terms of building a robust app at a rapid pace. The article below shall help you examine concepts around the topic of Flutter for MVP development. Let us find out why creating an MVP app in Flutter can be useful.

Advantages of Flutter for building an MVP mobile app.

Flutter can boost the speed journey of a product to market. Moreover, it also promotes better accuracy in getting on-time feedback from market research. With Flutter, you get a gateway to scalability that is utmost required for a full-fledged product.

1. Optimizes Development Cost

  • Acts as a boon for new users in the mobile app space because it helps developers build user-friendly apps quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Being a cross-platform app development platform, it can create apps with one codebase for Android and iOS.
  • The Dart language supported by Flutter is the primary programming language that needs a minimum learning curve for new and experienced programmers. Hence, the quicker the learning process, the more time and money are spent on education.
  • Time-to-market expenses are lesser with no compromise on the app’s versatility and utility.
  • For startups, this can become a lower app development budget at the initial level of the project.

2. Quick Time-to-Market

  • Changing code in Flutter for fixing bugs or adding features is easy. The developers do not need to recompile code. Flutter has hot reload features that update source code files into the Dart VM. You can immediately see updates and the effects of the changes.
  • The in-built widgets in Flutter and ready-made components streamline the app development process reducing unnecessary time and chances of error.
  • Unlike other cross-platform frameworks, Flutter does not have performance issues or a slow-down complaint.

3. Higher Scalability Ratio

  • Flutter SDK is known by businesses and startups due to its scalability. The framework works with just one single codebase and then, you can seamlessly scale up to the desktop, web, and other embedded device applications.
  • With the development of the product, Flutter improves the integration capabilities, allowing modifications, and widening the possibilities of expanding the app solutions with no compromise on the performance quality.
  • Nevertheless, Flutter is still known as a new tool, however, its capacity is extending at a great pace and the exclusive upgrades for the Flutter apps are in continuity.

4. Native Mobile App Development

  • Flutter not only saves time and development costs, but the apps begin to deliver delightful user experiences with attractive and intuitive designs across all platforms
  • Unlike those businesses that spend extravagantly on building native apps, Flutter provides easy solutions wherein they can develop hybrid apps with no compromise on performance.
  • That is why Flutter is best suitable for small businesses as it can run with natively compiled code with no need for mediator interference.
  • Hence, building MVP with Flutter can provide a native experience

5. Attracts More Investors

  • Flutter comes with ensured rich performance features for all kinds of mobile platforms. Hence the app that gets designed with Flutter will attract more investors.
  • Flutter apps can reach larger audiences within a quick timeline and can still perform efficiently.
  • Business owners can establish a wider scope of their product and can easily target the market with Flutter.
  • Also, mobile application development company can spend more time and money in finetuning the app features that would guarantee the product gets off to the best start possible.
  • With an already established reputation to offer stability, great performance, scalability, speed of development, and versatility, Flutter is what all investors will value all the time.

6. Dynamic User Interface

  • The dynamic digital market is buzzing with a lot of apps that are developed to adapt to the changes and can grow with a business.
  • Flutter is a perfect fit for such an ecosystem, where you need a scalable and flexible framework to develop cross-platform apps.
  • The real success lies in delivering the best designs with high development quality that is possible with a powerful tool-set.
  • The UI design toolset in Flutter has built-in Materials and Cupertino with default animations for scrolling, and more.
  • These tools help developers to customize designs and behave in the manner they want. Hence, with a smooth UI that performs extraordinarily well, there are no problems that may arise in future.

7. Works With Lesser Resources

  • Flutter has all the tools you need within the same framework.
  • However, you can integrate some of the famous cloud platforms like Firebase and AWS to facilitate the features such as authentication, analytics, real-time database, hosting, crash reporting, and various cloud functions.
  • Hence, Flutter is a powerful tool that easily connects with other resources to add to its value over time.

Flutter is The Best Solution For MVP Development

We believe Flutter is the ultimate option to build a mobile app MVP. Lower costs, quick time-to-market, and scalability are the top reasons for us to choose this framework over other frameworks. With guaranteed high performance across all mobile platforms and attractive designs, Flutter attracts investors, gives a rich user experience, and it reduces errors.

Startups must choose Flutter to scale up their business rapidly because it cuts down on the limitations that other frameworks have and boosts the mobile app development process with less time and minimum resources.

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