Hire Flutter Developers in 2023- A Complete Guide

How To Hire Fluatter Developers In 2023
When every business owner thinks of developing exclusive mobile applications for users, technology evolves and innovates. Today, any tech enthusiast would know the impact of Flutter on creating efficient and sleek mobile apps. If you are among those intrigued by the possibilities of having high-end business solutions, you are not alone.
Living in the era of digital transformation, you will have one question, “How can I hire Flutter developer from a reliable and seasoned Flutter app development company?” You have come to the right place where we will take you through a comprehensive understanding of hiring a Flutter developer starting from finding the right quality of Flutter developers to knowing the enigma of costs. We will also explain the importance of hiring a proficient Flutter developer if you need a successful product launch. 
With technology racing at a rapid speed and looking at the unbelievable demand for mobile apps, get ready to find your ideal Flutter companion for creating a unique mobile app for your business in 2023.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a mobile app development framework that facilitates developers in building cross-platform applications for Android and iOS devices. Written in Dart, Flutter is a programming language made by Google and has a sharp widget system that enables you to create custom UI elements for your app. The framework comes with an in-built rendering engine to render complex UI using minimal coding. Some of the top features of Flutter are its Software Development Kit, widget-based UI library with pre-built components, hot reload system, open-source elements, and ability to build high-performing apps with minimal coding.

Who are Flutter Developers?

A Flutter developer has the expertise to create interactive, dynamic, and engaging mobile applications by using the Flutter framework. Typically, they work on the front end of the applications and write code in Dart. Generally, any Flutter developer knows Java and Kotlin to write codes. They know how to use Git which is a version control system used to handle multiple changes made by different developers. 

Developers can build responsive and visually appealing applications to provide a seamless user experience. When you hire a Flutter developer, you will have cutting-edge mobile applications that can meet your business demands and will keep your business in tune with the latest trends. 

Why There is a Demand for Flutter Developers?

Flutter has several advantages over other popular frameworks. StackOverflow reveals that 68.8% of developers use Flutter as their go-to framework for creating mobile applications. Being one of the most efficient cross-platform development tools, Flutter creates exceptionally high-performing applications. Some of the top advantages of Flutter are:

  1. Can build native applications with great efficiency due to its advanced engine using C++ or Dart Code for graphics and animations.
  2. With its industry-standard model, Flutter can rebuild only the necessary elements whenever the state changes and can update the screen instantly. 
  3. Can create custom UIs without starting from scratch and can easily compose widgets with simple inheritance.
  4. Can develop, maintain, and test in less time without much debugging. 
  5. Makes it easy to create and debug the animations with its rendering engine, unlike other cross-platform tools like Xamarin or React Native.
  6. Can provide high-performance rendering across both platforms making the app look great and efficient whether it is for iOS or Android.

Roles and Responsibilities of Flutter App Developers

When you are looking to hire a Flutter developer for your business improvement, know that they must be proficient enough to handle the below roles and responsibilities:

  1. Can design and develop simple as well as complex mobile apps
  2. Should be able to practice clean code
  3. Know when to fix errors, bugs, and glitches
  4. Ensures to work as per the Flutter app development cycle
  5. Must regularly investigate and incorporate good technologies for the swift development cycle
  6. Need to follow the latest trends and technologies
  7. Must exhibit the ability to work with the team and meet the deadlines.
  8. Know how to create wireframes, prototypes, and user flows for the application

Skills of Flutter Developers

To hire the right Flutter app developer for your project, you must first of all get acquainted with the fundamental skills they should possess. Below are some of the most sorted skills that any efficient Flutter app developer should have:

Dart Programming Language

One of the most important skills that any Flutter developer should possess is Dart Programming Language. Dart is a programming language known for its efficiency in being used extensively in Flutter. It can build highly responsive and effective mobile applications. Developers should possess profound knowledge and in-depth understanding of Dart as it will help them in handling project codebase and in building triumphant Flutter mobile applications.

Mobile Application Development

Flutter developers must be completely thorough with the entire process of mobile application development. From creating designs to writing codes and from conducting rigorous testing to deploying the application, every Flutter developer should know the deepest nuances of each development phase. In addition, they must be well-experienced in handling several challenges and internal processes to create trustworthy mobile apps. When it comes to optimizing the app performance, Flutter developers must be able to do it for all platforms and devices, as per the recent market trends and practices.

Mastery of Flutter Framework

It is very crucial to have utmost mastery in designing and accessing the Flutter framework. Flutter developers must know that the framework is the core foundation for building robust, responsive, and feature-rich mobile applications. Understanding the framework architecture, various components, and tools will help developers harness the framework’s full potential. With this, they can provide innovative and seamless user experiences. In addition, holding a deep understanding of the framework will cut down more time in finding solutions for various technical challenges that may come while performing the app development process.

Practice Agile Development Methodologies

Any Flutter developer who can practice agile development methodology for building mobile applications can efficiently deliver the project on time and with high quality. The importance of Agile is more as it focuses on adaptive planning that happens during the collaboration between various cross-functional teams. When each team responds quickly and adheres to the principles, Flutter developers can seamlessly deliver projects with the best outcome. Along with the same, they can gain clarity from their clients and stakeholders.

Excellent UI/UX Designs

Any Flutter developer must be completely capable of deciphering UI/UX principles and its methodologies. Design patterns and themes have a crucial role to play in building responsive interfaces that must look engaging and useful to the users. Flutter developers must know the reasons to create designs and ensure that they can satisfy the user’s needs and expectations. When Flutter developers can create responsive designs and build intuitive interfaces, they are sure to get better projects.

Debugging and Testing Skills

Having profound debugging and testing skills will ensure on-time delivery and reduce the chances of app failure. When you hire a Flutter developer, you must ensure their amount of knowledge and experience in giving a positive user experience for the end-users after practicing the best debugging and testing methods. From detecting and fixing the problems to ending the development process with success, Flutter developers must establish the best testing methods with the most advanced tools to ensure seamless app functionality.

Knowledge of Version Control Systems

There are so many version control systems like Git to provide a seamless and effective development of applications. Flutter developers must know how to adopt various version control systems and what are the ways to monitor code modifications. They can collaborate with various teams to ensure the project’s accuracy. This will create a protective measure at the times when there are errors or challenges and they will be able to easily revert their previous code versions.

Soft Skills

Besides the above technical skills, a Flutter developer must have several soft skills. Abilities such as fluent communication, adaptability, and a collaborative approach while working in an ever-changing team environment are the top soft skills that any Flutter developer must have. In addition, sharing innovative ideas and ensuring to keep up with a positive environment within the work culture can improve the chances of getting high-quality and innovative software projects. Lastly, they must be open to change and must display the willingness to learn again to grow and improve with others.

Where to Hire Flutter Developers

If you plan to hire a Flutter developer, consider the below hiring models. Understanding each hiring model with comparisons will help you decide the right choice.

  1. Can design and develop simple as well as complex mobile apps
  2. Should be able to practice clean code
  3. Know when to fix errors, bugs, and glitches
  4. Ensures to work as per the Flutter app development cycle
  5. Must regularly investigate and incorporate good technologies for the swift development cycle
  6. Need to follow the latest trends and technologies
  7. Must exhibit the ability to work with the team and meet the deadlines.
  8. Know how to create wireframes, prototypes, and user flows for the application

In-House Team

Benefits :

  1. You can hire an in-house team to make further improvements and updates to your existing mobile app
  2. The team works with complete dedication on a single project promoting quality outcomes and deliverables.
  3. You can customize the entire development project and fulfill all the technical needs
  4. Seamless coordination between all the teams like design, development, and QA team

Challenges :

  1. Hiring in-house teams is expensive and time-consuming
  2. Need to pay more as compared to the work done
  3. They demand more salary in comparison to freelancers
  4. High company expenditure for providing hardware, software, internet, and electricity to the developers.

Platforms to hire In-house Developers :

  1. Glassdoor
  2. Dice
  3. Indeed
  4. Linkedin


Benefits :

  1. Easy to hire the best talent at an affordable cost
  2. Flutter developers working on a freelance basis is a minimal-cost option in comparison with all other options
  3. Pay on an hourly basis or a fixed cost price for a project
  4. Can hire specialized talent for a typical project

Challenges :

  1. Project deadlines may get blurred as they work without any supervision
  2. Hard to coordinate with multiple teams including UI/UX, QA, and all
  3. It is hard to communicate with developers working in different time zones and languages

Platforms where Freelancers are available:

  1. Guru
  2. Peopleperhour
  3. Fiverr
  4. Freelancer

Steps to Hire Flutter Developers

Steps to Hire Flutter Developers

Select Your Hiring Model

After establishing the role, experience, and skills needed in a Flutter developer, you must choose your appropriate hiring model. Specify the exact role and responsibility of the developer you need in your company and decide upon the number of developers needed. If you want to hire Android developers who have experience in working on various similar projects, you must craft similar terms of timeline, project duration and size, and complexity as well.

Find the Right Candidate

Hire a Flutter developer who matches your business needs and requirements. For this, you need to consider many aspects and avoid making common mistakes that people generally make while hiring the right candidate:

  1. Rate the portfolio according to the decided standards and terms of your company. A good portfolio has several projects covering the latest technologies 
  2. Find out the client reviews and how well they are communicating with others
  3. Ask various interview questions. Ask open-ended questions regarding their choice of technologies or frameworks to understand familiarity.


While you find the right Flutter developer, also consider verifying their technical skills. Give them a coding challenge or a test. This will help you find out if their coding skills should be mostly bug-free. Also, make sure they communicate while giving an interview either through phone or video calls. 


During the interview phase, make sure you ask questions that can determine the skills available to the candidate. Also, find out how these skills can be harnessed by your business to achieve success. If you are taking an interview in a team, everyone should know what questions must be asked at different stages. The team must do this as it will help them make better hiring decisions and will give them a fair understanding of the candidate’s skills. 

Here are some questions that can help you understand the Flutter developer’s skills and talents:

  1. What are the various build models in Flutter?
  2. Explain the limitations of Flutter
  3. Can you explain what are Streams?
  4. Tell us what are different types of Streams
  5. Explain the differences between Hot reload and Hot restart
  6. Who is a Flutter Provider
  7. Explain the use of Ticker in Flutter

Check Reviews and References

When you hire a Flutter developer, check the reviews given by clients and stakeholders for the candidate. You can also do this by looking at their profile on various sites like LinkedIn and GitHub. Find out the kind of work they have done and the feedback they get out of it. 

Contract Signing

Sign a valid contract with the chosen Flutter developer. A contract is a mutual agreement between two parties namely you and the developer. The contract will state the role and responsibility of each party and the duration of the tasks that are assigned. It will also state what shall happen if either of the parties fails to meet its obligations under the agreement. 

A fair contract has the following points covered:

  1. Charges per hour or day
  2. No. of hours the developer will work each week/month
  3. Hidden costs if any

Best Practices to Choose the Right Flutter Developer

Finding the right Flutter developer can be challenging even if you see all the available skills in the candidate. Hence, apart from mapping the right skills, you must also consider the below aspects that will help you ensure you are collaborating with the right Flutter developer for your project:

Conduct Coding Test

If you want to ensure that developer has the best programming skills, conduct a coding assessment that will evaluate their performance from different aspects. Assess their coding skills in a way that will help in shortlisting according to the requirements of your project. 

It is essential to conduct a coding assessment as a skillful developer should have the ability to showcase mastery over the Fluttet app development starting from interface design to networking protocols to providing back-end service integration. With the coding assessment, you will give them a chance to showcase their entire set of skills that will be helpful for your project completion from day one.

Get Aware of The Product Development Cycle

Before even you think of hiring the Flutter developer, make sure you are thorough with the entire product development cycle. It becomes so important to be aware of the process as it will help you in deciding a suitable candidate. The right developer will be a skilled programmer who can build the app as per your business needs with cost-effective methods. They also know different technologies and ways of using them to create innovative solutions for Flutter app development.

No Compromise on the Quality

When you choose a Flutter developer, make sure they have mastered their software QA skills. Crafting a better QA strategy will ensure the product is of high quality and is built with no compromise on time and budgets. Other benefits of practicing the right QA process are:

  1. Cost reduction in case of finding bugs post-release or during the production cycle
  2. A smaller number of errors with a better user experience makes the users happier

Check Their Online Presence

When you come across a strong portfolio of any Flutter developer, find out their years of experience and their ability to solve problems. Check out their blog posts that will give insights into their work and their viewpoint on technology. Also, find out their core areas of interest through their social media accounts that will highlight their personality. Interact with them and find out how quickly they respond to your messages. These aspects will help you recognize the expertise of the developers and the way they will handle the project.

Cost of Hiring a Flutter Developer

To hire a Flutter developer from India, the average cost is $20 – $50 per hour. Here a range of costs can be associated with knowing the fact that there are several kinds of app development work. Some of which are complex and difficult to complete in a short time. There may be a possibility that hiring a Flutter app developer may cost thousands and thousands of dollars, but the fact is most of the specialized Flutter developers work at competitive rates as per their experience and expertise.

Why Hire Flutter Developers from Whitelotus Corporation

When you hire a Flutter developer from Whitelotus Corporation, you are making the best decision. We have a team of Flutter app developers who have been working in this field for years and are well-acquainted with various app development cycles. Equipped with a proven track record of delivering projects within the budget and on time, we ensure all our clients are satisfied with our solutions.

We are eminent Flutter app developers earning a reputation that will ensure your job is done right and on time. We possess the below advantages that will keep us over the edge from our competitors:

  1. Rapid development process
  2. Cross-platform capabilities
  3. Easy plugins available
  4. Affordable app development process
  5. Optimized testing methodologies avoiding bugs and errors
  6. Widgets for every use-case
  7. Best practices to harness the Flutter programming language

So if you are looking for Flutter developers, we are the right experts in Flutter who can help you build your app from beginning to end. We work closely with our clients and understand their goals thereby using our expertise to meet their business goals. Contact us today to get started!


To hire a Flutter developer from India, the average cost is $20 – $50 per hour. Here a range of costs can be associated with knowing the fact that there are several kinds of app development work. Some of which are complex and difficult to complete in a short time. There may be a possibility that hiring a Flutter app developer may cost thousands and thousands of dollars, but the fact is most of the specialized Flutter developers work at competitive rates as per their experience and expertise.

1. What is the cost of hiring a Flutter app developer?

You can expect the price in between $20 and $50 per hour. At this rate, when you hire a Flutter app developer, you can set clear expectations of what should be provided every hour and what goals should be achieved during the project.

2. What are the main factors that affect the Flutter app development cost?

Two main factors that affect the Flutter app development cost are the Complexity of the mobile app and the number of features needed.

3. Why Hire Flutter Developers?

Flutter is the best choice for your upcoming project as it has the most diverse and flexible features to create a robust, intuitive, and user-friendly mobile app for your business. You can get high-quality work and create apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. So if you are looking to create an app that can work on multiple platforms, choose Flutter app developers.

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