How to Develop Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart With New AI Features

Grocery Delivery App

Instacart broke records and rose to the heights of success in the business of grocery delivery. The success brings inspiration for many newcomers to build something similar to Instacart. However, rushing into the process might not be the best idea. Hence, understanding the basics can help you build an app that might turn out even better than Instacart.

Instacart is known for its two main criteria, namely that is, it has no inventory model and provides the fastest delivery of groceries to the doorsteps of the customers. The model on which Instacart operates is the aggregator model of business.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends in Grocery Delivery Apps

Grocery delivery apps should include artificial intelligence to understand their audience, monitor the behavior of the audience, customize their app, and overall boost the sale of the business. Here are some of the common AI features that can be included in grocery delivery app development


Implementing chatbots in the application makes it easier for the users to get their queries solved instantly without actually contacting customer care. This also allows the users to get results at any time of the day.

Accessible grocery list

A kind of wish list that can act as a grocery list for the users can help them to collect all the items in one place and then move them to the cart and place the order. Providing users with experiences of offline grocery stores will attract traffic.

Provide personalized suggestions and push notifications 

By using a functional specification documentation model in grocery delivery apps, the data and preferences of the customers can be monitored and analyzed to provide suggestions and inform them about the recent deals on their frequently purchased items.

What are the Features Necessary in the User Panel of the Application?

The user panel of any application plays a crucial role. The panel should be designed in a user-friendly manner which is easy to understand and operate. 

Here are some of the features which are necessary for the user panel of the application –

Registration of User Profile 

The initial stage of any on-demand grocery delivery app development for a Startup goes through registering the account with the phone number and email id. The account should also take other details such as a residential address, preferences, age, and others to prepare personal data. This data would be helpful for the app to target the user while sending reminders and notifications.


The grocery delivery app should be made accessible 24×7 days. This allows the customers to shop from the app anytime they wish to from anywhere around the globe. The grocery apps are also a major source of time-saving. As the users no longer have to visit the store personally and can get all their items of necessity delivered to home.

Push Notifications 

Push notifications and reminders are another crucial feature of the grocery app. This allows the app to send notifications and information about the best deals, offers, and discounts. Attractive coupons can also be used to attract loyal customers. Notifications primarily focus on increasing traffic and sales.

Cart Management 

The grocery delivery application should have the Add to Cart option. Here the customer can keep adding their products and even use them to buy later. This option allows the customers to check and manage the products or even add or remove them, if necessary, before the payment is completed.

Online Order Tracking 

The tracking of orders is an essential feature for customers to know the location of their order online and determine the estimated time of delivery. The app should always choose convenient scheduled delivery to maintain the trust of the customer.

Allowing Reviews 

The app should provide the customers with the feature of sharing their insights, feedback, and ratings, which helps the delivery grocery app improve its services and plan strategies further.

Attractive Discounts and Offers 

After the increase in the number of grocery apps, the competition has increased steadily. So any grocery delivery app should provide regular offers and deals and attract customers.

Easy Payment Options 

The payment gateway of the delivery app should be made simple and not include any hassle. The customers should be provided with convenient payment options where they can either choose the Cash on Delivery option or opt for different online paying platforms.

Widest Range of Brands and Products 

The grocery delivery app should include the maximum number of brands. Brands of different price ranges and specialities should be included. The app has to provide consumers with the luxury of choosing from a diverse range of brands and products following their budget.

Customer Support 

The grocery delivery app should undoubtedly include a customer support panel. This panel is a necessity as it helps customers to clear all their doubts and queries. The app can also integrate chatbot options apart from phone and mail communication to provide maximum assistance.

What are the Features Important in the Admin Panel of the Application?

The administrator of any application is like the brain of the body. It controls every action and makes the requisite decisions for the application. 

Here are some features which are essential in the Admin Panel of the application –


The application should have a dedicated complete information centre called the dashboard, which helps the admin manage and record the orders received. All the decisions and services are made accordingly by the admin by referring to the dashboard.

Inventory Management 

Another important feature from the perspective of the administrator is inventory management. This assists the admin in managing the giant stock conveniently. This makes the handling of all the orders appropriate.

Assigning Orders 

Every time an order is placed and confirmed, the assignment of different tasks to the delivery persons can be done by the store manager. This will enhance the process of delivering the items effectively at the location mentioned.

Real-time Analytics 

The feature of analytics in real-time is crucial for a grocery delivery app. It helps the business to keep the entire track record and is helpful during the extraction of the same data when required. The information produced from such analytics can help in framing the right business plans and strategies. Most successful discounts and offers can also be analyzed to streamline the growth process.

What are the Features Important in the Delivery Panel of the Application?

The entire game of any grocery delivery app depends on how safely and timely the parcel has reached the customers. So it is important to have these basic features in the delivery panel of the application. 

Geo-Location Service 

The app should implement the service of geolocation. This feature is pivotal as it is a map to guide the delivery person and tracks the location the customer mentions. The application can also integrate services like Google or Apple Map to enhance the GPS facility.

In-app chat or calling

This feature enables the delivery person to connect to the customer through either calling or chatting. However, this feature is rarely used unless the delivery person cannot trace the address.

Delivery Notification 

This feature is crucial for the store managers or retail partners, to notify them about any new orders, and other details like delivery along with the order number are also provided.

What Are The Development Features Required In Any Grocery Delivery App?

Building an app from scratch isn’t easy. It requires the implementation of the right developing techniques to ensure the smooth running of the app. 

Here are a few points that should be followed while developing the app

Developing a Strong Front end and Backend Server 

An indispensable element for developing a grocery app is to have a strong Front-end and Back-end server. Since the application would store an overflow of data of thousands of customers, creating a strong Backend and Frontend is essential. Top mobile app development company in India can help build and develop the server-side cloud database.

App Designing 

The next important aspect in the development of the app is its design. The app design mainly focuses on two aspects: user interface and user experience. Both of these aspects can be game changers in how the app looks and the user’s experience. For a grocery app, the emphasis on the product image and its description itself plays a significant role. It is also equally important to define each of the categories.


Creating and developing an app with the best features or simply setting up the UI or UX designs is not the end game. After all the design development and documentation is done, it is important to do MVP testing to know the errors in operating the application. Multiple rounds of testing and bug fixing should be done to ensure that the app can handle extensive usage without crashing.

What is the Cost of Developing a Grocery Delivery App?

Several factors are pivotal when discussing the cost of developing any grocery delivery app. Some vital features for developing the platform include the features amalgamated in the application, the size of the team that is taking part in app development, the choice of platform, the pricing model, the place or location of developing the app, and others that determine the cost of developing the app. There are various grocery delivery app development company that help users with this.

Bottom Line

After understanding the prospects of the industry in online grocery delivery, many entrepreneurs might be tempted to enter this field. The industry is undoubtedly flourishing, and its customer base will surely increase with time.

The main reason behind the success of grocery delivery apps is that humans seek luxury and comfort. They love that things get done with just a few clicks. Therefore, this market for grocery apps will be growing and boosting the economy in turn. Therefore, mastering the art of app development to build any app within a strict budget estimate can be useful.

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