How to Develop a Telemedicine App

Time was when the healthcare sector had a quite skeptical approach to embracing new technologies and innovations. Breaking the barriers of practicing conventional patterns, today the industry is winging its pace to promote technology-enabled healthcare services. Especially we find telemedicine apps leading the way to a digital transformation in the healthcare industry. 
As a result, online medicine delivery app development flourished soon after the pandemic. Surprisingly, the use of telemedicine apps has increased up to 38 times previous to the COVID era. Another statistic reveals the estimated rise in the telemedicine market will be over $504 bn by 2030. There are several reasons for this rapidly growing demand for telemedicine apps such as quick penetration in the use of smartphones, lack of healthcare professionals, technological innovations, rising number of chronic diseases, an insufficient amount of qualified doctors, and a huge reason for cost-savings due to doctor-on-demand solutions.
Being a well-recognized mobile app development company in India and USA, we have built custom telemedicine apps for our clients worldwide. Our experience in creating such robust apps is phenomenal and we would like to share some of the best practices that we apply in our telemedicine app development process.

How to Develop a Telemedicine App?

Create a Plan

You must create a project plan including various features needed before starting to develop the app. In addition, you must choose a dynamic budget that is approximately near to the real cost of developing a telemedicine app. Knowing all the upper limits, you must analyze the project first and must find out the exact time and cost of your project.

Get a Quote

The second important stage is to get a quote from a well-established mobile app development company. Find a reliable company that can help you create the exact product that you need. Their team will help you by discussing the business needs and finding solutions to all your queries.

Discuss the Project in Detail

Once the budget is finalized, discuss with your development team the HIPPA regulations and its compliance procedures, including the terms of the project. Also, you must discuss the MVP project scope, project management tools, and NDA signing to protect your idea, avoid data breaches. The software development company will finish the required paperwork and will start with the development stage. 

Start the Development Process

Once the action plan gets finalized, the developers will start creating the app with wireframes, and mockups and will design prototypes to give engaging user experiences. Once the UI design is approved, developers begin with the coding, testing, and bug-fixing process. Ensure that your app will have all the necessary features to run seamlessly on different devices.  

App Demonstration

After the features are ready, developers will give a project demo. If you are satisfied with the entire performance and features created, the app then gets published on the digital marketplace.

Deploy the App

To launch the product on digital platforms, you must first do it on Google Play store or AppleStore. The development company ensures all the guidelines are met as per the store’s requirements. Further, the app is deployed on the app marketplace.

Cost and Timeline to Develop a Telemedicine App

To develop a telemedicine app it takes nearly three to six months. To develop such an app there are various steps that you need to follow as mentioned above. The team of telemedicine app developers consists of project managers, business analysts, app designers, and front and backend developers.
In addition, the cost of developing a telemedicine app is around $10000 to $200000 depending on its functionality, complexity, and scope. Some developers may charge on an hourly basis. Initially, we suggest you create an MVP at minimum cost and then create the final product. 

Top Features to be Considered For Developing Telemedicine App

The below table summarizes the basic features that are needed to create a telemedicine application.
Feature Telemedicine App For Doctors Telemedicine App For Patients
Video Consultation Yes Yes
Scheduling Appointment Yes Yes
Messaging and chats Yes Yes
Request for Prescription Yes Yes
Electronic Health Records Yes
Secured Data Storage Yes Yes
Remote monitoring Yes Yes
Wearable Integration Yes Yes
Payment Processing Yes
Multilingual Support Yes Yes
Doctor Profiles Upload Yes
Patient Profile Upload Yes
Symptom Checker Yes
Health Education Resources Yes
Virtual Waiting Room Yes
Prescription Delivery Yes Yes
In-App Translation Yes Yes
Reviews and Ratings Yes Yes
Insurance Verification Yes Yes

6 Best Telemedicine App Features and Benefits for Patients

Telemedicine apps for patients or users are generally to make appointments, add symptoms, and get a doctor’s consultation. Therefore, the main features include:


  • Users can book appointments with different types of doctors, physicians, nurses, or practitioners. It helps them to easily find doctors on demand. The patients get connected in minutes with senior doctors according to their needs.
  • Patients can easily connect with experienced doctors, ensuring seamless two-way communication. This feature is important because it connects with patients and physicians through a live session.
  • Patients can consult through an on-demand app for various diseases like acne, cold/flu, allergies, sinus, infections, severe headaches, ear problems, etc.
  • The Telemedicine app provides online consultation through an in-app chat feature in case if any patients cannot consult with video conferencing. This in-app messaging option is created to facilitate instant consultation.
  • Users can organize and track health information by themselves for long-term treatment like assembling medical health records, heart disease, etc.
  • Another outstanding feature is sending the prescription automatically to a nearby pharmacy store once the patient is done with consultation.


  • The video call and in-app chat features help patients to directly communicate with doctors without waiting in long queues.
  • The time for traveling to the clinic gets saved and patients can take rest at their confined homes.
  • This platform is well-known for providing the best quality services. The appointments are rarely delayed and doctors give complete attention to each patient online.
  • Patients can save a lot of money on traveling and heavy consultation fees by opting for on-demand doctor appointments through a telemedicine app.

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4 Best Telemedicine App Features and Benefits for Doctors


  • Doctors can either accept or reject the patient's requests according to their schedules. They can also track the history and view the list of accepted and rejected appointments.
  • The video call feature also helps doctors to communicate with their patients through video calls and gather necessary information about the symptoms.
  • In-app chat for doctors facilitates contacting patients through text messages in real time. The rise of AI in healthcare has enabled doctors to give telemedicine services to patients, review tests and treatment plans, and resolve any queries.
  • Another feature is the appointment calendar for doctors to keep track of all the appointments whether they are daily, monthly, or weekly through telemedicine apps.


  • Telemedicine app helps doctors experience a work-life balance through organized appointments and marked calendars.
  • The recordkeeping feature helps doctors, nurses, and office administration to easily look through patients' data virtually. Hence doctors can easily manage patients' medical history and health data with just a click
  • Doctors can seamlessly manage patient management processes starting from appointment to diagnosis and treatment to payment.
Besides the above features, the below set of features can also be integrated:
  • Online billing
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Online payment management
  • ePrescription
  • HIPPA compliance
  • Patient Queue Management

Technology Stack to be Used in Telemedicine App Development



Server-Side (Backend)

Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails

User Interface (Frontend)

Flutter, React Native

Cloud Storage

Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage

Data Storage

PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Real-time Communication

WebRTC, Twilio

Video Conferencing

Zoom API, Google Meet API

User Authentication

OAuth, JWT

Push Notifications

Firebase Cloud Messaging, APNS

Payment Processing

Stripe, PayPal API

Cloud Platform

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

User Behavior Analytics

Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics




Jenkins, GitHub Actions




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