Laravel Key Benefits and Future Scope in 2022

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Laravel for Web Development in 2022

Laravel is a framework for web artisans. The top mobile app development companies as well as web application development service providers are inclining towards the use of the Laravel framework for web development.

According to the Laravel usage statistics report by SimilarTech, currently, over 132,990 live websites and 96,848 live domains are using the Laravel framework across the globe.

Why should you consider using Laravel for web development? In this blog, we will give you an insight into what is Laravel, what are its benefits, its unique features, and its future scope. Let us first introduce you to Laravel.

What is the Laravel framework?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that offers an amazingly eloquent and elegant syntax for web development.

Laravel is a versatile framework offering multiple themes, web templates, plugins, UI components, and abundant features to choose from. With Laravel, you can develop highly secured yet aesthetically appealing web platforms.

Laravel is simple, easy, and fun to use. It offers beautifully clean code that functions without any prerequisite setup.
Looking into some technical aspects:

  • Laravel follows the MVC pattern
  • GitHub hosts its source code.
  • It’s software is licensed under MIT Licence.
  • Laravel is updated every 6 months and its version changes every 2 years, along with its support system. Henceforth,    Laravel is always up to date.
  • The creator ensures that all the documents of newer versions are comprehensive and updated.

Key Benefits of Laravel:

Laravel is for anybody and everybody that intend its use. Some of the key features enabling the power performance of Laravel are:

Laravel has a secured framework:

During web development developers often face two major security issues:

  1. SQL injections
  2. Cross-site scripting

Laravel is ORM (Object Relational Mapping) protected. As ORM is object-oriented it normalizes the parameters while building them. Anything suspicious that seems to harm the data, is identified and removed. This eliminates the possibility of raw SQL (Structured Query Language) queries.

Laravel shields the banned HTML tags and displays screened lines in text format without executing them. This helps in eliminating the probabilities for cross-site scripting.

The code base of Laravel is guarded with an impenetrable security grid that can protect your website against malware, forgeries, and fraud.

Laravel is integrated with pre-built features:

With Laravel, you get to enjoy lots of inbuilt features. Website development doesn’t remain a tedious task to complete. Contrary it becomes easy and fun to develop a website with a fully featured Laravel framework.

The Laravel community:

Laravel is an open-source framework. Developers are free to use the codes, make changes to them, write articles, or share code snippets.

With a strong community of 50,227 web artisans, Laravel opens the door for creativity. It offers knowledge sharing, problem-solving, and casually interacting. With Laravel, you can easily get answers and expert advice from developers across the globe.

Unique Features of Laravel

Laravel, created by Taylor Otwell was published in 2011. Over these years the graph of the Laravel framework is consistently elevated as its adoption is increasing in the top mobile app development companies. Laravel supports multiple languages and it can be integrated into multiple mail services. It encourages fast development resulting in super-fast deliveries before deadlines.

Some of the key features enabling the power pack performance of Laravel are:

MVC architecture:

Laravel is unique because of its architecture. The below figure represents the MVC flow pattern.

Users interact with View (user interface). Model interacts with the database. Here, the controller is the key player. The controller fetches information from view and passes it to the model. Model fetches relevant data from the database, and passes it to the controller. The controller delivers the result to view. This cycle goes on.

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks owing to MVC architecture. MVC leverages a seamless flow of data & information between the user and database. These benefits in easy documentation, multi-tasking, intact security, high scalability, fast site loading & functioning, as well as easy handling of complex web applications.

Laravel Blade Template Engine:

The blade is an incredibly powerful template that encourages developers to make sleek designs and themes. Making syntax writing utterly simple, the blade provides conditional statements and loops. The blade is very fast in rendering views. Also, it allows for standardizing or reusing a pattern in different parts of the web application.

Eloquent ORM:

Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) in Laravel frameworks makes development easy and fast, as it focuses on an object-oriented approach. ORM represents data as objects and eliminates lengthy queries in the controller. Hence it facilitates easy handling of database records.

Friendly codes:

While building libraries for Laravel, all the web artisans (developers) try to develop clean codes that are easily understandable to other developers. Developers try to automate repetitive programming and make the code reusable.

Artisans also build the skeleton code, database structure, and migration management system. This makes it easy to handle the database.

Laravel libraries:

Laravel has inbuilt modular and object-oriented libraries. Highly advanced in features & modules, Laravel libraries are easy to implement and operate. It enables the reusing of the same code, avoiding its duplication. These libraries are very useful in developing modular as well as responsive web platforms

Fast Authentication:

With Laravel, the Authentication process takes less than a minute. Unlike other development methods where developers spend lots of time writing complicated codes for carrying out the authentication process.

Data Caching:

Laravel is updated and upgraded on regular basis. So, all the outdated data is cached from time to time, with its changing versions.

Future scope of Laravel Framework:

Laravel is a future-ready framework. How?

  • Laravel offers more than 68 series of frameworks, 33 development tools, 13 testing tools, 20 languages, as well as more than 37 series of development techniques.
  • The strength of Laravel is its simple yet robust architecture. The backbone of Laravel lies in its MVC structure.
  • Laravel has highly advanced features and is far superior to other web development frameworks.
  • Its one-minute registration and authentication mechanism and its caching technology make it highly desirable.
  • Its versatility helps to create technologically advanced web applications. This helps in gaining a large audience, better market presence, and excellent outputs.
  • Laravel components aid in eliminating repetitions and redundancy. You can reuse the same code without duplications. Hence developers can build unique web applications.
  • The three S’s Simplicity, Scalability, and Speed of the Laravel framework make it superior as compared to other PHP frameworks.
  • Laravel is open to all. It can be easily operated and guarantees an excellent web development experience.
  • Be it small medium or large-scale business, Laravel offers tailored solutions that suit the client’s requirements.
  • Laravel development services are cost-effective.


Often, developers are at the crossroad where they have multiple options of technologies to choose from. As a Top mobile app development company or a web application development service provider, you might have faced difficulty while choosing the right framework that suits your platform

Laravel has 27.8k stars on the GitHub repository. It is a great combination of elegance, simplicity, and innovation. Its fast-routing engine, powerful injection container, schema migration, real-time event broadcasting, powerful background job processing, and comprehensive toolset gives you a creative, enjoyable, and truly fulfilling web development experience with guaranteed results.

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