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Key Considerations for Enterprise Mobile Application Development

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Enterprise Mobile App Development Services

Enterprise Mobility Solutions are growing day by day but When it comes to the Enterprise mobile app development services, we have to focus on several factors that are very crucial in development. For Example Efficiently utilizing the mobile app depends on the design of the mobile application. We have mention several important considerations that should be focused by enterprise application development company in order to improve the efficiency and user experience.

Never depend completely on built in security.

Security in any mobile app should be the highest priority for developer, You must be aware of the fact, even the iOS, which is considered as the safest and closed platform, is not at all fully secured against the cyber attacks’ leave alone the Androids. There is several consideration that must be fixed.

1. Insecure Data Storage
2. SSL Issues
3. Data Leakages
4. Untrusted Inputs
5. Weak Server-Side Controls

Implement Multi-tier Authentication Technique

Any authentication system’s core strength depends upon the probability of success for breaking that system for accessing the services provided by the cloud service providers. In Multi-tier authentication technique the core strength is first-tier, second-tier and third-tier authentication user credentials. For getting the access of the requested service, the attacker has to break all the authentication layers. Security analysis says that increases as the number of authentication tiers in the system, the probability of success for breaking the multi-tier authentication system reaches near to the zero. Hence, by seeing the analysis of security, we can say that there is a very less probability of breaking the multi-tier authentication system. If we consider the usability of the storage space, then the proposed technique takes more space than the existing authentication technique which is very less and also we can say that it is negligible in the case of cloud environment where large amount of storage and its scalable.

Secured Data transmission

Nowadays when more and more sensitive data or information is stored on computers and transmitted over the Internet or other communication means, we need to ensure information security and safety. Communication take an important role. But data security is of some concern. Encoding and decoding the data completely defines the effectiveness of the system to secure. Encryption is the process of transforming the information using an algorithm. Once your data has been encrypted, a person can not make sense of your data without knowing the password (or figuring it out).

Improve offline working capabilities

In terms of connectivity, mobile app can operate offline, online or in a mixed mode. Apps that continue to work while offline or disconnected network is the Key Considerations for any Enterprise. For example a salesperson that wants to enter data while traveling, and then have that data automatically sync with a server when they get back to the office. Even with Wi-Fi and cellular broadband, there are many scenarios (airplanes, Wi-Fi only devices, remote areas) where people still need to work without a connection.

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