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Hybrid Apps OR Native Apps – Confused to decide?

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If you’re confused about to building a hybrid mobile app or a native mobile app, than just get relax, this article will show you how to decide your mobile app strategy.

First we look up the definition of Hybrid Apps and Native Apps

Hybrid App: Developer augments web code with native SDK. Can be easily deployed across multiple platform and is usually the cheaper and faster solution.

Native App: This is platform specific and requires unique expertise. However the full potential of the platform can be leveraged which will drive great user experience and larger app capabilities. Can be pricey based on requirement and take longer to develop.

Just Few Questions to ask before you decide

First decide do you want to use native features in the Mobile Application?

If you realize that app is heavy on native phone capability and this is your primary USP, then native app development will work best. While building a Hybrid Mobile App using several easily available framework in the market, than it will depends on that framework you adopt , you should have access to native features. But it’s not possibly always there because Some of these native features can be the Camera, Contacts, SMS, Hardware Device Buttons etc.

It depends how quickly do you want to take it to the market?

The time to get application in market is dependent on so many factors just like the amount of features and number of resources you have. More resources mean that the budget of you application will increase in nearby future. But When you decide to launch the your mobile application quickly to the market with few resources, Than I suggest you to go with hybrid app approach, which may helpful to launch your mobile application on multiple different platforms in a short time.

If you have separate budget for developers to develop iOS and Android Apps

If you have enough separate budget for developers to develop iOS and Android application development resources, with an agenda to take application out in the market, then just relax and do not worry much. I suggest you to go for native app.

Depends on period to update your mobile application?

If you want to make an application that will require frequent updates in the future, that clearly means that any user will have to update your application from the App Store regularly, for these kind of apps I recommend you to go with a hybrid app. The biggest advantage i have ever seen for hybrid application is that unless you have an integral change of the functionality in the app, all the content will be updated from web directly. This is the reasons that why most Banks, News and Media apps in the market prefers hybrid. You can also work with Hybrid apps to out of a single code-base thereby helping the teams work more efficiently.

Any one want to get the best user experience

If you want to make you application with an excellent user experience, I suggest you to go with native app approach and that may be better way. Because a hybrid app can never match the level of creative user experience that you get in a native app. But also we don’t underestimate the user experience of a hybrid app. Whitelotus Corporation have good front-end mobile application developer in hybrid app can get close to a native experience. But it will take some time because of some limitation.

Look out Google just unveiled a new platform called google’s eddystone for bluetooth beacons, along with a new set of tools for developers who want to build apps on top of the service. So Apple’s iBeacons are about to face a new wave of competition.

At Whitelotus Corporation, we help customers with both approaches based on the their business goals. We use custom + platform based approach to build native and hybrid mobile apps based on the expectations. If you search for best mobile application development company then your ends here – Whitelotus Corporation.


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