Enterprise App Development: Top Use Cases, Benefits, and Future Scope.

enterprise mobile app development

There is a soaring demand for Enterprise Mobile App development in the digital space. Don’t believe us? We have statistics to prove our point:
The global Enterprise Software market revenue amounted to USD $273.4 in 2021 and is expected to hike up to USD $424 by 2025.

According to Statista, global IT spending on Enterprise Software will amount to USD $675 billion by 2022. This is 11% higher as compared to 2021. This will further increase to USD $755 billion by 2023.

enterprise mobile app developmententerprise mobile app development

Year by year, the Enterprise Software market is proving to be the fastest-growing segment of the IT industry. The primary reason to opt for Enterprise Mobile App Development is to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

However, how can you fuel up your business growth by developing an Enterprise App? Before directly jumping to the point, let us first understand the basics.

What is an Enterprise Application?

Enterprise applications are built to cater to business requirements at the organizational level. In contrast to single-user apps or departmental apps, Enterprise apps are intended to solve enterprise-wide problems through a system of software programs managed by a single admin.

These are business-oriented tools with customizable programs intended to improve the productivity and efficiency of an organization by providing business-logic support functionalities.

Enterprise apps are high-performing, robust and scalable computer programs that help enterprises streamline business operations, orchestrate business workflows, and develop tools to model how an organization functions.

You can opt for an Enterprise app to efficiently communicate with your partners, employees, and consumers. It can be designed to serve both, internal and external requirements. Some of the common use cases of Enterprise Apps are:

Some Common Use Cases of Enterprise Apps.

Enterprise Apps can help achieve your corporate goals by tracking supply chains, improving workflows, managing resources, or establishing interactions with partners/clients/employees. A variety of software programs can be subsumed under the term Enterprise Apps. Based on these subcategories, some of the common use cases of Enterprise Apps are:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  •  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  •  Content Management System (CMS)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) systems
  • Finance & Accounting Systems
  • Automated Billing Systems
  • Enterprise Messaging System (EMS)
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Email Marketing System (EMS)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • DataBase Management System (DBMS)

Some of the Key Players in the Enterprise Software and Programming sector are Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM, Oracle, and SAP.

How to upscale your Business growth with Enterprise Mobile App Development Services?

Here we have some important highlights on how you can upscale your business growth by developing a unique Enterprise App for your organisation.

So let us start with the Profit point.

Great Return on Investment (ROI):

By now, we know you are convinced that Enterprise Apps are worth investing in. However, when it comes to investing, the first question which arises is, ‘What is the Return on Investment?’

When you think of investing in the design & development of an app, you expect to get easy navigation, improved user engagement, increased customer retention, higher customer conversion rates, and an excellent user experience.

Enterprise Apps efficiently execute the intended tasks, and the cost to deploy, upgrade and maintain are comparatively lower as compared to the Profits they tend to earn. Simply put, Enterprise Apps demand fewer inputs and offer higher outputs, giving you a great return on your investments.

The Enterprise App ROI can be summed up as:

enterprise app development company

Workflow Automation:

Enterprise Apps automate the majority of the tasks in a workflow. Maintaining manual documents/reports, scheduling appointments/meetings/interviews, order processing/production/procurement, user data management, finance & accounting, energy management, marketing, and many more.

With automation, more tasks are completed in less time, and that too with high precision and accuracy.

Improved workforce Efficiency:

Your entire organisation is virtually at your fingertips. You know where your workers are. Which employee is assigned which task? You have all the data regarding the resources, assets, and liabilities. Most of the tasks that your employees were performing manually are now automated.

Enterprise apps relieve a huge amount of workload from your workforce, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Orchestrated task management:

Enterprise apps offer a set of standard collaboration tools, process management software, and workflow solutions, that help in eliminating interdepartmental silos. Smooth team collaborations and increased actionable insights improve the quality and quantity of deliverables.

An orchestrated task management system helps in accomplishing mission-critical operations and day-to-day business tasks more efficiently.

Streamlined Business Process:

By adding useful functionalities to the easy-to-use interface of your app, you can streamline the entire business process of your app. Moreover, organisations struggle to store and manage a huge amount of inflow and outflow of data on regular basis. Enterprise Apps make data management and data processing easily manageable.

Doors open to new business insights and growth opportunities:

When you upgrade your organisation with advanced technology, you get to discover new business insights and growth opportunities. Enterprise Apps help you identify the voids and gaps in a business workflow. Once weak areas are detected, you can make amendments and bring things back on track.

Moreover, with a clear vision, you get to focus on devising better business strategies, take measures for mitigation & risk management, as well as find out new doors open for the manifestation of upcoming opportunities.

Increased Business Productivity:

Enterprise Apps are designed with an incredible collaboration of AI, ML, data analytics, and process management. Your workflow is automated, tasks are orchestrated, business processes are streamlined, and most importantly, you have a 3600 view of your organisation. A crisp and clear prospect of your present channels can help you in devising excellent business strategies that promise business growth.

Best User Experience (UX):

When you want to stand cut above the rest, you have to offer the BEST! By developing an Enterprise App, you are taking the first step towards a customer-centric business development approach.

Enterprise Apps bridge the gap and bring your user to the front end. You can interact with your audience, understand their interest, study their behavioural patterns, and analyse the demand-supply scenarios. Enterprise App offers data encryption, intact security, real-time access to data, as well as interoperability for optimising user experience.

Resource Optimisation:

With improved efficiency, increased productivity, well-managed tasks, and automated workflows; two things are guaranteed Time Saving and Cost Cutting.

You get to save a lot of resources and time once your Enterprise App takes control of your organisation working at full throttle. Within a few days, you can observe how minimum input results in optimum outputs.

Important Points to consider while developing an Enterprise App.

We have given good reasons to convince you of how developing a unique Enterprise App can boost business growth. However, there are some important points to consider before you start app development. Let us unfold layer by layer.

Select a suitable Platform:

According to Statista, Android and iOS combine to account for 99.8% of the global OS market share.

Android and iOS are the most trending mobile app platforms you can choose for Enterprise Mobile App development. You can also consider developing cross-platform apps that render seamlessly on all platforms. With flexibility and scalability, cross-platform apps offer easy portability across different platforms and maximum exposure to the target audience.

Understand your audience:

Before starting with Enterprise Mobile App development, it is important to study your audience. Based on your business goals, which consumer segment do you want to target, what are the behavioural patterns of your target audience, what can be their purpose to use your app, their age, gender, interests, demographics, profession, etc. Detailed knowledge about your target audience, their pain points, their triggers, and their requirements can help you achieve better user satisfaction through your app.

Perform Market Research:

In the highly tangible market, it is very important to maintain a competitive edge. Where technologies are changing in a blink, you need to stay updated and upgraded to match the market needs.

Study your competitors keenly. Identify their strengths, and weak areas, and observe their business strategies. This gives you a chance to stand one step ahead in the competition.

Focus on Mobile Analytics:

Mobile Analytics is a crucial point to consider when it comes to app development. Analytics help in defining the strengths, capabilities, features, and functionalities of your app. It positively impacts user engagement, user retention, as well as conversion rates. Mobile analytics can help in improving performance, saving data, boosting speed, and increasing app efficiency

Emphasise UI/UX design:

UI/UX Design are interwind. It portrays your business and reflects your brand value to the target audience.

We recommend keeping the UI designs simple, easy-to-use, dynamic, interactive, and aesthetically appealing.

Security system

Security is paramount when it comes to app development. Securing private data and sensitive information of users is crucial. With increasing cases of malware, phishing, identity threats, data breaches, and cyber-crimes; it is of utmost importance to build a robust, unreachable, and intact security system.

The Future Trends in Enterprise App Development.

The upcoming technology trends are sure to stir the digital market. Here are the latest technology trends you should keep up with to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud platforms are evolving at a fast pace with increasing demand from the digital market. Cloud platforms offer built-in tools, reusable UI components, huge data storage capacity, easy communication channels, security & encryption, user management, API integration, and data integration. With cloud computing, it becomes easy to overcome challenges in Enterprise App development Company. It caters to the business requirements of both large-scale industries as well as SMEs.

AI & ML:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have revolutionized automation in the digital space. With new advancements in technology, automated software is replacing human intervention in the majority of fields.


Blockchains offer unbreachable security, better supply chain management, an effective hiring process, and transparent payment systems without any third-party involvement.

AR & VR:

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are taking over the market with Metaverse immersing the digital market at high intensity. With seamless task performance, instant responses, speedy navigations, and interactive communications, AR/VR offer advanced programming.

Which are the most successful Enterprise Apps in the Market?

Enterprise App Purpose
Zoom Cloud Meeting App
Slack Workplace Management App
Trello Team Project Management App
BambooHR HR Process Management App
HootSuite Enterprise Communication Management App
Mailchimp Marketing and CRM App

Why choose Whitelotus Corporation For Developing Enterprise Applications?

The first and crucial step is to choose a reliable, reputed, and well-experienced Enterprise application development company.

Being one of the top mobile app development companies in the market, we are known for delivering high-quality profitable apps. We can help you achieve 5 major goals:

  1. As enterprise apps are more complex as compared to departmental and single-user apps, our expert development team can lead you through the thick & thins of the development, deployment, and post-development process. With our end-to-end enterprise app development services, we take care of everything.
  2. With AI and ML, the majority of tasks can be automated. It takes a team of experts to automate and incorporate these tasks, plus, integrate them into an easy-to-use interface of a mobile app.
  3. It is important to integrate your existing workflow into the app so that there are no broken links. Our team can combine all important data from your current channels and integrate it into the app for future reference.
  4. You need an efficient software program to handle automated marketing (inbound & outbound) like advertising emails, push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, and running online campaigns.
  5. There are many subcategories of an Enterprise App like CRM, ERP, BI etc. Depending on your business goals our team of experts can help you choose which one is most suitable and profitable for your business growth.

Let us develop a future-ready Enterprise App to accelerate your business growth. Connect for a FREE Professional Consultation with our tech experts right away!

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