10 Best Practices That Can Make Your Mobile App Better

10 Useful Tips That Can Make Your Mobile App Better

10 Useful Tips That Can Make Your Mobile App Better

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In the realm of mobile applications, a constant influx of thousands of new apps floods the app stores daily. The ubiquitous presence of smartphones and tablets has ushered in the era of mobile apps, creating a fiercely competitive landscape where it’s all too easy to get lost amidst the deluge.

Sustaining and engaging app users in this hyper-competitive environment is an arduous task. Retaining a loyal user base is a formidable challenge, and this is where top-tier brands such as McDonald’s, Nike, Starbucks, and others have excelled. They’ve achieved this by enhancing the overall customer experience within their mobile apps, resulting in tangible boosts to their sales figures.

For example, Instagram stands as a shining example of providing a superb user experience, especially catering to photography enthusiasts.

When any company is planning to develop a mobile app for their brand, just investing isn’t enough. Pre and Post launch marketing strategies are extremely important to support your app idea.

However, when a company sets out to develop a mobile app for its brand, mere financial investment is insufficient. Pre- and post-launch marketing strategies play an indispensable role in supporting your app’s vision. Understanding your target audience’s behavior, discerning their needs from your mobile app, and comprehending how your app can truly assist them are crucial steps. This understanding facilitates the formulation of strategies that will keep your users actively engaged, solidifying your brand’s foothold in the mobile app arena.

10 smart practices will surely help you to develop a mobile application which can sustain in this growing battle.

1- Your mobile app should be useful:

People would download the app or even purchase it if the app is either productive enough to be useful or it has some real world context functionality. Your app should either be beneficial or be able to provide a unique experience.

2- Ensure great performance:

Apps performance is a very critical factor for the users to judge whether to keep your app installed or simply delete it and never download again. Make sure to evaluate the load time and see that the app is error free.

Leverage third party tools that can monitor your app performance.

3- User experience and design:

Design is what will make your users fall in love with your app. It is the most important criteria that can help you to keep the users engaged on your app.

No stone should leave unturned while designing of your app. Make it look so good and elegant that your users don’t feel to leave the screen.

The choices of the colors shape of the buttons and arrows should please the users. Use of relevant, self-explanatory icons will enhance the beauty of the app.

Overall, try to give the finest user experience.

4- Keep it clean and simple:

Don’t try to fit everything inside the small screen of the app. Navigation of the app should be clear enough so that it doesn’t confuse your users. Try to follow the latest trends of keeping a walk through or introductory video that explains the usage of the application.

Don’t forget that even non-technical people will use your app.

5- Introduce offline mode:

If your users are about to lose Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, will they still be able to use your app? This is something to be kept in mind while developing a mobile application. Offline usability will allow your users to use the app even without Internet connection.

App like Evernote, is one fine example that offers off line usability.

6- Target different platforms:

When you deside to develop your app, first make sure to target all the platforms like Android, Web and iPhone app development. This will help your app to reach more number of users.

Each platform has different dimensions; the app should be compatible with each screen size and work smoothly on every platform.

7- Know your users behavior:

Focus on custom segments to deliver targeted, customized, rich content to your app users based on their in-app behaviors, context, time, preferences or demographics. Make use of analytic tools to study the engagement behavior of your users.

Once studied, you can run relevant campaigns. Provide analytical reports to compare the engagement and analyze ROI.

8- Interact with your users:

Make use of push notifications to keep in touch about your latest happening. Promote your further activity by informing your users and this will drive users deeper into your app.

9- Allow sharing:

It is really important that app grows by the word of mouth. If you have kept social sharing features inside your app, the users will share the app to their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

which will bring more users to your app.

10- Ratings and Feedback:

Keep a feedback section in your app so that your users can easily reach out to you whenever they have some important and useful feedback about your app. Getting feedback is the most important engagement strategy.

You not only engage your users but you also get a chance to improve on the dislikes of your users. Asking users to rate your app on the App stores will be very beneficial to gain the trust of downloaders.

To conclude, there is no straight easy way to develop an app and expect it to hit the audience. You definitely need a right working partner that can take care of these points while programming an app for your brand.

Follow these 10 tips to garner applauds from the users.

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