Why PHP is the best choice for web app development?

Why PHP is the best choice for web app development
As you browse through a contoured and interactive online store, you find that you can effortlessly add items to your cart and have a seamless checkout. And while doing all this, you also find that your webpage is responding so quickly. To get this peak of perfection, there is an arena where PHP programmers are executing their sharpest web app development skills. There are many programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, Python, and PHP. And among all these, the PHP programming language stands tall with its head and shoulders above all the rest of them.From platforms like Facebook, WordPress, Zoom, and Wikipedia, PHP has been supportive to varying degrees. Other top brands like Yahoo, Tumblr, Mailchimp, Flickr, Canva, Slack, Spotify, Magento, Drupal, Pfizer, and many more have used PHP in their web applications.
Top brands used php

With nearly 78% of websites built on PHP, certain core strengths have set it apart and made it a go-to choice for making such outstanding websites.

What is PHP Framework?

Commonly known as Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP is a server-side programming language used in web development. Developed by Rasmus in 1994, PHP is majorly used to build interactive and dynamic web platforms, ecommerce websites, databases, and session tracking. Being one of the first open-source server-side languages, it integrated into HTML. Hence, developers can harness its features for major operating systems. With PHP, they can now integrate additional web pages and get rid of loading external data files. Known to be highly compatible with popular databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server, PHP framework is the best choice for all web developers.

10 Reasons Why PHP Programming Language is Used Widely

10 reasons why php programming language is used

Easy to Understand and Learn

PHP has well-organized codes and is easy to learn and practice. Those who know the basics of coding can quickly pick up the style and process of writing codes in PHP because it has a very simple sentence format. Due to its sharp learning curve, PHP is the starting framework that every new developer looks up to. Moreover, its clean codes make it simpler for developers to start from anywhere in the development project cycle.

Open-source Framework

The framework is an open-source server-side programming language and is free. Websites built with PHP are cost-effective and robust. The installation does not require any additional fees to update or maintain. All you need is to collaborate with a reputed and experienced PHP development company that can keep your website going flawlessly.


PHP is platform-independent and can be used on various platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. The beauty lies in its compatibility with main web browsers and its supportive nature to simply get deployed on diverse systems and platforms at a very fair cost.

Strong Community Support

Being a seasoned scripting language, PHP is widely used and is powered by a dedicated community. Rich with several tutorials, tips for new PHP developers, and FAQs, the community support is strong and continues to push the potential of this language beyond regular updates.

Fast and Secure

In this digital era where every company wants its application and website to become smart, fast, and secure, PHP comes with a promising outcome. It uses its memory and gives outstanding performance in terms of delivering speed and agility despite working with the latest versions. Because of its wider use of community support, other frameworks, and a variety of tools, every developer now ensures best practices to solve security-related vulnerabilities and keep websites and applications protected from cyberattacks.

Strong Database Connection

The utmost flexibility of PHP programming language ensures compatibility with so many databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and others. There is majority of web applications are built with MySQL and PHP combined. The database versatility of PHP is harnessed by diverse application environments to build tailored web applications and websites.

Tried and Tested

Since its inception, PHP codes have been the strongest, safest, and tested in real-life settings. Hence, it is one the most reliable and trustworthy frameworks wherein the major bugs are identified and addressed. In addition, in the past, several tools and frameworks have been developed to make PHP web development faster, more effective, and highly scalable.

Highly Scalable

The only thing constant nowadays is change. Businesses always prepare themselves to either expand or start new ventures. Every top-notch website must be scalable enough to contain the changing needs seamlessly and with better efficiency than before. For every developer, scalability is a super priority while building any website. Any expansion and contraction of a program should be made possible without disrupting the user experience. For a decade, developers have been creating flexible web applications with PHP. With this framework, they can modify codes during any phase of the software development cycle. PHP programmers can avoid rewriting codes. Lastly, the PHP scripting language can handle more traffic loads and multiple requests all at a time.

Gives Robust Solutions

Several frameworks are built on PHP with great ease and flexibility. Companies have leveraged the benefits of other popular frameworks that are based on PHP such as Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Yii, CodeIgniter, and others. Developers create top-notch web apps and websites with these frameworks that are supported by MVC architecture. Hence, it enables a rapid coding process and efficiently solves complex problems for developers.

Cloud Solution Compatibility

Popular cloud computing solutions such as AWS support PHP-based applications. Hence, any PHP-based web app can be seamlessly deployed on a cloud server to get better scalability and visibility. Surprisingly, there are a lot of coding languages getting replaced with PHP for implementations due to its monopoly in dominating the cloud computing space.


We hope you are now clear and confident enough to understand the competencies of PHP for your web development project. Through websites, you connect with countless potential customers in the entire business journey. A powerful website can become one of the crucial tools to generate revenue and enhance conversion ratios. Hence, you must hire a dedicated PHP developer from a reputed PHP development company that has profound expertise in developing user-friendly websites. A dedicated PHP developer will save you time and money and will ensure to deliver quality results that will match your business expectations.


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