Why Choose Flutter to Build On-Demand Apps?

Top reasons to choose flutter for on demand app development
Our daily lives have become far better and more convenient. Everything has become easy, from booking a ride, ordering food, and buying groceries and prescriptions, to calling the best salon expert at your doorstep. And the evolving technologies in the on-demand service apps show a promising future. This is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to develop their next-gen revolutionary on-demand applications.
Let us first understand the concept of on-demand apps and why it is gaining traction across the world.

What is an On-demand Service App?

On-demand applications are live platforms connecting customers with independent service providers. These apps serve as a mediator between a customer and a business. It allows customers and providers to find each other and serves as a platform to engage in a customer-provider relationship. The market of on-demand delivery apps is increasing consistently with the growing number of mobile users.
In the last decade, these apps have become widely popular. Along with it, user expectations have evolved and on-demand apps have no option but to perform better and get ready to deliver anything they demand. Some of the key statistics that portray the exploding demand for such apps are,
And as the demand for on-demand delivery apps is rising, a lot of competition is observed with businesses thriving with their outstanding on-demand delivery services. For the success of any on-demand delivery app, you need to provide a seamless user experience, real-time tracking, easy payments, intuitive UI, and many other features that can support huge volumes of demands at scale with great speed.

Top Benefits of Building On-Demand Service Apps For Your Business

Benefits of Building On-Demand App Development Solutions
  • On-demand app will simplify your paperwork, payment clearance, recording entries, and much more.
  • These apps will be cost-effective and will consume a lesser amount of expenses, time, and resources while in the development phase.
  • On-demand delivery apps are highly scalable and can help you multiply your source of income with a service fee charge
  • Such apps are maintained through a private cloud hence keeping all the records and information safe and secured
  • With on-demand apps, there is a window to receiving genuine feedback that will help your business to improve and evolve without keeping any kind of grudges against clients.

What does it take to build an On-demand delivery app?

So, if you have plans to build an on-demand delivery app for your dream startup, we are here to guide you. Why do you need advice? Because so many cross-platform mobile app development frameworks and platforms have the best technology to build apps quickly with the best user experiences. Choosing the most suitable for your idea needs a thorough understanding of various cross-platform app development frameworks.
Over the years of expertise in building the best cross-platform applications for our clients, we found Flutter has the best cross-platform capabilities to build on-demand apps that can give users a native-like experience with an appealing UI. However, to understand the complete benefits of Flutter, we recommend you read our blog below. There are Flutter developers who are highly skilled and have an edge over other frameworks to build the best on-demand applications.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit developed by Google. If you want a final solution to any problem with app development, Google Flutter can always become your solution. Flutter is a ready software development kit designed by Google, helping developers build outstanding and highly appealing applications that can be tailored to your business needs within a short time. Flutter can create iOS and Android mobile apps from a single codebase.
The rising demand and fame of the Flutter app development world are evident in the below statistics. In 2023, the market share of Flutter has seen an uptrend. More than 1 million apps were built with Flutter on PlayStore. And the previous year the count was just 500,000. The number has phenomenally doubled in just a year. And let us talk about developers’ choices. 2022 survey indicates 46% of developers choose Flutter to build some of the most popular on-demand and cross-platform mobile applications. 

Why Flutter is the Best Choice for On-Demand App Building?

Cross-platform Capability

Dart is Google’s quick object-oriented programming language used by Flutter. With a single codebase, Flutter can develop iOS and Android mobile applications. Businesses can save a lot of time and money as compared to building native apps that need separate codes for different platforms. Above all, Flutter can give you native quality apps for all types of operating systems from a single codebase. You need not maintain two separate codebases.

Hot Reload Feature to Develop Apps Faster

The hot reload feature keeps Flutter in trend because it allows it to perform rapid and easy experiments while developing UI or debugging apps. All this happens in real time. Flutter developers need not save files to review the effects done at the last minute. The hot reload feature quickly shows the changes made in the coding. During the ongoing app, Flutter can reflect the updates for developers and they can continue with the code execution, enabling them to finish the app development process in real-time.

Open-Source Framework

Being an open-source framework, Flutter can simplify the development of complex projects. Flutter is one of the best cross-platform app development frameworks, transforming your app development idea into an exceptional solution. It has beautiful material designs, rich motion APIs, Cupertino widgets, seamless scrolling, and more. Flutter developers get a mesmerizing experience while developing outstanding on-demand apps that can created with endless design options.

Vast Catalogue of Outstanding Widgets

If you are running a startup, you must be concerned about the on-demand app performance. Being the most important that needs to be considered before investing in the app development process, Flutter gives you a promising future. With Flutter, you get a massive collection of amazing widgets that ensure your app gives a native-like performance. The huge catalog of Flutter widgets like scrolling, navigation, fonts, and icons makes the app development process hassle-free and convenient. And that is why many leading brands use Flutter for their cross-platform app development.

Native Like Performance

Flutter does not use interpreters. Instead, it compiles to native APM code. Hence, Flutter apps outperform when compared to React Native vs Flutter, and come out with the best results during testing. It can achieve up to 120 frames per second and can deliver native-like performance, feel and look. Providing a native-like appearance is very important for any on-demand delivery app. There is latency in maps, real-time tracking features and so many other features that ensure outstanding user experiences. And Flutter can provide you with everything as per your expectations.

Outstanding UI

The availability of ready-made widgets, a modern react-style framework, and the best tools have helped Flutter developers create attractive and sustainable user interfaces. Flutter has a built-in Cupertino and Material Design widget that provides a complete native-like feel. With an attractive and intuitive UI, Flutter has successfully managed to stand tall and always ahead. It helps developers to craft tailored UI flows and interfaces that delight the users.

What are the Cost Factors Involved in Flutter App Development?

What are the Cost Factors Involved in Flutter App Development
Before you decide to develop an on-demand app for your business, you must consider the app development cost. Sometimes it costs less than what you may expect and often it may exceed your budget. Similarly, Flutter app development cost also is dependent on various factors.
  • The complexity of your app development ranges from medium complexity to high complexity to higher complexity.
  • Number of features and functionalities you need in your app. Feature categorization is needed to evaluate the costs here.
  • The kind of app design you need to create a lasting impression on your users, ranging from animations, and interactivity, to graphics.
  • Choosing a robust backend framework for your on-demand app development.
  • Selecting the location of your cross-platform app development company. The cost of developing an on-demand Flutter application in Asia is $18 to $40.
  • Considering the app maintenance regularly to ensure the best outcome and performance.

Find out the Best Flutter App Development Company for Your Idea

There are so many companies offering the best Flutter app development services worldwide. However, choosing anyone depends on your requirements, app performance, and budget. By building an on-demand app with a cross-platform app development framework like Flutter, you can successfully launch your app without paying more money. Also, by working with the most experienced and expert Flutter app developers, you will get a great outcome. If you are still thinking about how to hire Flutter developers and what is the cost of hiring Flutter developers, you can always consult and talk to us right away. We are here to guide you in building a robust and stunning on-demand app that will be loved by your users. And everything will be made possible within your budget. So get in touch with us today!


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