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Mobile App Development Trends

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For past few years Mobile application development company transforms to the stunning trend. In 2017 top most trending technologies in users are M-Commerce, iBeacon, IoT, Enterprise App, Cloud computing etc. Now a days Smartphone or smart devices are the most help full tools for the people and each and every person can easily perform all the needed task with this devices. And because of that competition in the mobile market is growing high, specifically in the app marketplace. So mobile app development is became the basic need for every business.

Below are some app development trends which are helpful in increasing an application’s success:

Increasing iBeacon and Location-Based Services

Ibeacon Become the most popular trends in Location based marketing. It has enabled applications and websites to get the user’s location and share customized ads and messages to attract and communicate with potential customers accordingly. Nowadays, many location-based services including iBeacon are becoming popular among enterprises and users, that will help drive billion of dollars in retail this year. Whitelotus Corporation is already listed in the fastest growing iBeacon App Development Services provider company.

IoT and Wearables

IoT is most growing technology among all the technologies. We and expect more than 30% groth in the global IoT market by 2019. Wearables and IoT app development services for mobile on iOS and Android platforms bring revolution in every business sector as well as daily life and related activities. Nowadays wearables beacom fashion, For Example – Apple Watch and devices like fitness tracker. Textile, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation, Utilities and fashion industries are also exploring an approach in order to reap the advantages of the wearable technology by merging it in their products. IoT products and the suppliers will make a huge revenue.

Enterprise Applications

Why we listed Enterprise Applications in most trending app development?

Here’s the answer.

  • It streamlines complex business flow of the organization accurately.
  • Direct data entry into mobile devices, no time consuming manual process and paperwork resulting inefficient processes.
  • Improves productivity by synchronizing the function of different departments within a single application.
  • Decision making process gets faster as it provides instant and quick access to important data.
  • Reporting and problem tracking becomes very quick on field thus it’s a great automation of your business process.
  • Lowers communication cost by reducing burdens on admin staff and work centers as it’s a self-serving content for field jobs.
  • Operational cost gets reduced up to 40% by eliminating use of expensive hardware.
  • Increases revenue as sales staff can help customers understand your product or services quickly.
  • Customer engagement process like feedback and giving services gets faster which means higher level of satisfaction.
  • Extremely cheap to maintain and very easy to update as per your business needs.

An enterprise application is a nexus that interconnects business processes, human resource, business information and processing software to create a holistic approach for business development, integration and management. enterprise mobile app development services is thus a challenging and crucial task for the developers. Mobile connectivity is the latest breakthrough in the realm of Enterprise apps development. It adds grit, pace and mobility to the entire workflow.

Growth in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the well topic for past few years. But nowadays Cloud Computing offer a lot of features like scalability, reliability, power processing capability, better data storage, and so on. This can also provide productive development platforms that are beneficial for app developers, and increase application development by accelerating the development process and granting an easy execution of cloud technology in mobile applications. There are various cloud-driven applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., and more are expected.

Growth of Digital Payments

We can clearly see and feel the growth of digital mobile payments. So we can’t ignore it. There are so many company like Apple pay, Google wallet, Paytm and many more companies are already in the market. And these company already get gained much popularity and will gain more in the coming years. Mobile users like to go for cashless transaction and easy payment terms and this will definitely continue in the future..So why we shouldn’t move for digital payments for our mobile application.

Security Of Mobile Applications

Security in mobile apps is most common and serious aspect for application developers. In the past few years we noticed that thousand of mobile apps has been threatened and violated. Because their is emerging and the quick popularity of mobile wallets and IoT.

Whitelotus Corporation can help you develop this kind of trending mobile application development on iOS and Android platforms which can bring revolution in your business as well as daily life and related activities. We can help your company realize the potential of Mobile Application – with our expertise; we will work together from inception of your idea to a final useful product which can provide better insight to the today’s world.

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