Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2024

This is the time when most of us are incomplete without our smartphones. While the internet is getting cheaper and faster, mobile penetration in our daily lives is rising. Mobile app developers are in demand and businesses want engaging and tailored apps to widen their market reach.
Surprisingly, by 2032 the mobile application market is estimated to be valued at $777.4 bn. Businesses must keep up with the latest trends prevailing in the mobile app development market. Not only just that, but they must analyze the tangible business benefits that can be obtained from these trends. 
To gain a competitive edge and to future-proof your mobile strategy, check out the below trends as we guess you must learn to harness each of them to stay in the market for a long run.

Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends in 2024

The future of 5G connectivity will be at a 100x speed than what it is today. The OTT platforms will stream with a 4k capacity. Also, VR based gaming apps will be a reality and there will be seamless data transfer between devices and smartphones. Lastly, GPS-enabled apps will be able to provide high quality and accurate location trackers.
The future of wearables is massive as the wearable tech market may touch 380 bn USD by 2028. Smart glasses, contact lenses, ECG monitors, heart monitors, glucose sensors etc will enhance the lives of people and improve their health. 
The future of AI and ML is basically focused more on mobile apps through building AI-generated speech, and editing software, and images through audio and video. ML models will be well-trained to build data-intensive apps. Consumers will be found using such apps that can also anticipate your needs, understand your emotions, and can adapt in real-time based on voice commands.
The future of cross-platform app development is steadfast and will skyrocket beyond our imagination. A lot of brands today are shifting to cross-platform app development.


Mobile app development future is bright and phenomenal. There are numerous technologies and platforms that will either stay or get eliminated in future. However, the above trends show a promising future and will contribute tremendously in shaping the mobile app development services. Mobile app developers will have to remain updated with these trends as they can make a huge difference to establish success and failure of project. At Whitelotus Corporation we have been dealing in developing hi-tech and robust mobile applications powered with the best technologies. We know the ways to implement appropriate mobile app development trend, ensuring better visibility to your audience, thereby increasing conversions and profitability boost. Talk to our experts today and find out which trend works best to propel your business to the next best level.


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