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iOS App Development Trends

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iOS mobile app development can bring major revolution in business. It makes faster communication, increased collaboration and instant access to data, whenever and wherever employees are. With the increasing of mobile devices users market mainly in Apple Incorporation’s iOS-powered devices such as iPhone and iPad. With 90 percent of enterprises and businesses planning iOS app development services.

Because of rapid changes in technology trends we have to address needs of our company. So it is important for enterprises and businesses to get the latest trends and gaining benefits and improving productivity. Technology and it’s need are growing with time. The old trends are lost and new ones are here to takeover. Let,s take a look at how you can develop iOS app.

Swift Programming

While developing iOS apps, especially for enterprises, it is better to investigate for and choose Swift. Here are some of the reasons that will help you in understanding why enterprises choose to make their iOS apps in Swift.

  • Since the launch of Swift programming language, iOS swift app development has always been in the middle of all discussions among many enterprises.
  • Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS and iOS.
  • Launch of Swift 3 from Apple, has made it even easier for developers to use and Swift 4 is about launch, It is now available in beta version.


iBeacon is a new indoor positioning system technology from Apple Inc. is Apple’s version of the Bluetooth-based beacon concept, which allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast or receive tiny and static pieces of data within short distances. The technology enables small “beacons” – low-powered, low-cost transmitter devices – to send out messages or notifications to the nearby devices, notifying them of their presence. The broadcaster is always advertising “I am here, and my ID is…”, while the receiver detects these signals and does whatever it needs to do based on how close or far it is from them. We have well established iBeacon Application development team with 2+ years of experience.

Enterprise Mobile Application

An enterprise application is a nexus that interconnects business processes, human resource, business information and processing software to create a holistic approach for business development, integration and management. Enterprise mobile app development services is thus a challenging and crucial task for the developers. Mobile connectivity is the latest breakthrough in the realm of Enterprise app development. It adds grit, pace and mobility to the entire workflow.

Critical areas that need attention while creating Mobile Enterprise applications are:

  • Roles based configuration
  • Data deployment and storage
  • Security across all nodes
  • Cross platform and device interoperability

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Cloud Integration

However the full potential of the platform can be leveraged which will drive great user experience and larger app capabilities. And app use wants to access apps across multiple devices. So cloud Integration into iOS app technology provides a smart sync multiple devices.

mCommerce Opportunity

For Enterprises eager to capitalize on the mCommerce opportunity, the first step is to understand the lay of the land.  The mCommerce ecosystem falls into six primary categories:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Retail Enablement
  • Mobile Retail
  • Marketplaces
  • On-Demand Services
  • App-Based Services

Whitelotus Corporation have good hand in iOS app development. Click to check our portfolio. We offer comprehensive Android and iPhone application development services for Enterprises, various types of businesses, and startups to engage iPhone users effectively. Our team of iPhone app developers has extensive experience in managing the complete lifecycle of Enterprise iOS applications for global clients.

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