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How mobile apps changing the way of travel and tourism and customer engagement

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The travel and tourism industry is on the rise, commercially, and the influence of technology in the industry is growing tremendously too. Due to the latest technological advances guidebooks, compasses, maps and other printed stuff have been replaced by travel apps. The latest iPhones, or generally smartphones, are more than capable of being a worthy travel companion.

As per sources, travel and tourism is on the list of the biggest earners in terms of domain, based on 10 most downloaded apps ever. Gone are the days when people used to travel around the world with physical maps and stuff like that.

As travel and technology have become stronger over the years, a simple, well- designed travel mobile app can encompass all the travel & tourism tools required for a better experience.

iPhone app development for the travel industry

Naturally, mobile applications are boosting the travel and tourism industry with quick online travel arrangements done at a fingertip, that provides better options for travel planning, finding travel agents, booking tickets, reservation of hotels and route mapping.

Other than this, several purposes can be fulfilled with iPhone travel apps: –

  • Check Weather.
  • Use Google map features.
  • Search for local restaurants.
  • Use GPS For Directions.
  • Search Hotels based on budget.
  • Buy Tickets for local shows.
  • Look for Public Transportation

With introducing travel mobile apps, one can get end-to-end solutions for all travel and tourism requirements. The common goals of these apps for travel companies is to increase guest traffic, promotion and sales of goods and services.

Within the huge and diversified mobile apps market, travel-related apps rank as the 7th most downloaded type of apps. An amazing 60% of the total 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide has downloaded travel-related apps and 45% of the same group is going to use mobile apps to plan future holidays.

But what does this mean for the tourism industry? Mobile apps have become small businesses’ best ally, both to acquire new customers as well as to retain old ones. This is why tourism enterprises need to adapt to this new technological shift and make sure they are able to reach their customers in the mobile environment and become active part of their digital lives.

Companies that have a strong mobile presence and regularly interact with their customers in a new media environment have also more chances to increase their revenue streams, as 59% of people admit being more likely to purchase products and services from businesses operating mobile.

Smart and intelligent travel companies have come to know that opting for iPhone mobile applications is the proper way to optimize their business, and reach out to customers. Hiring a suitable and experienced iPhone app developer or a mobile app development company for designing a mobile app will help bring businesses closer to their set goals. But the important thing is that the app should include travel packages like guided tours, car rentals, hotel bookings and purchasing tickets. It should also be up to date with relevant travel information.

An app development agency must have enough experience in building mobile applications and should suit the requirements of the travel and tourism sector, who can use these apps to make their services more efficient and effective.

The iPhone app developer should, before embarking on this project, track business processes within a company so that the system is in full compliance with various financial systems. With the technology and solutions it provides, it becomes much easier for staff and business to manage their affairs and at the same time increase efficiency.

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