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Developing Mobile Application for Internet of Things (IoT)

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It is believed to remarkably impact every home and businesses in coming decade. The concept of IoT is to simply connect all the things (physical devices) to the Internet. Experts have to say that whooping 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Internet of Things has created a tremendous buzz in the mobile app development business.

From smartphones and tablets, every small big utility devices let’s say Air Conditioner of your drawing room or a coffee/tea makers, from your bicycle to a big machines that run at factories, wearable devices and cars, almost every devices with a sensor on it will be connected for the exchange of data and its practical usage in the real time. This powerful network is termed as Internet of Things (IoT). This exchange of the data will be directional between the sensors and the system. These sensors can be temperature sensors, biometric devices, motion sensors, BLE devices like beacons, flow meters etc.

Nowadays, lots of devices are available which support Wi-Fi connectivity. Internet is available widely, and cost is affordable. Almost everyone uses smartphone. The cloud makes it happens for you to work anytime, anywhere. All this things create best environment for IoT.

Talking about some real time examples, let’s say you are on your way to home on a hot sunny day and need a chilling room before you enter. You can do this from your mobile application. This app will interact with the central system and will send command to the AC to switch it on. With GPS we are already tracking the vehicles, with IoT one can measure the speed, distance and time by just clicking on a button. If a patient is attached with a sensor which can read the ECG and send this data to central system, then a doctor out of hospital can monitor the ECG and heart rate of this patient very easily on his smartphone device. Smart door locking systems, smart watches and fit bands, thermostats, humidity & light sensor, smart medical devices etc. are all best examples of IoT.

Retail and Aviation industries have already started implementing bluetooth low energy devices called ‘beacons’ to improve their customer experience and engagement. Beacons at the Airports are helping the airlines and airports to analyze their passenger behavior. In retail business, promotions of the products to their frequent shoppers are done very easily by using iBeacon technology. These beacons will connect with the mobile apps via bluetooth and will send promotional messages to the buyers which help in the increases of the sales.

Whitelotus Corporation can help you develop this kind of IoT mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms which can bring revolution in your business as well as daily life and related activities. We can help your company realize the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) – with our expertise; we will work together from inception of your idea to a final useful product which can provide better insight to the today’s world. We have been working on IoT based apps for iOS and Android that uses technology like WI-FI, iBeacon, Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC and Zigbee.



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