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10 Secret iOS 9 Features to Look Out For

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We all excited to get iOS 9 on our iPhone or iPad? Great news for all Apple fans! iOS 9 is finally here and is accessible for download on all iPad, iPhone and iPod touch models. With a few enhancements being made in the organization’s OS, it promises a superior client experience which includes execution, security and battery. We are providing mobile application development service and we examine few thing regarding hidden iOS 9 features and you need to know about it.

If you use and love Apple, iOS is understood to offer best execution and an extraordinary client experience – however it doesn’t simply stop with that.

We all know that iOS 9 is one of the best operating systems today and Apple has ensured that users won’t be disappointed.

The iOS 9 Features

1. Enhanced battery life

The iOS 9 is said to be to a great efficient and will have capacity for the lessen battery limit in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. In addition, Apple guarantees its clients that all the current Apple touch gadgets will now last more with the new form of its OS with the iPhone 6 getting additional use hours from each charge.

2. Power Saving Mode

For times when you truly need to save your battery, and power saving mode has been added to the new form which will give the gadget an additional 3 hours of battery life! On the other hand, the penances made to empower this mode have not been uncovered by the organisation yet.

3. Back Button

Your iPhone is at finally going to recover its back button – an element which has been demand after for quite a while now. A back catch will show up on the screen’s upper left corner at whatever point a client moves starting with one application then onto the another

4. Quick type

iOS 9 will permit a user to see when his day of work to a virtual console gets actuated as the letters will switch better lower and upper case. New alternate ways and enhanced expectations will likewise be found in this new version.

5. Multitasking with split-screen

There is some extraordinary news for iPad users solely. The iOS 9 will permit iPad clients to open 2 applications in the meantime utilizing the component Split View. Play your most loved game on the screen’s left side while checking mails on the right! Picture-in-picture will permit a users to have a Face time chat while likewise hunt down stuff on the Web simultaneously.

6. Directions in Transit

The Maps application will get public travel directions in the new iOS 9. Aside from giving you directions as to which prepare you ought to take and which transport to jump on from that point, you will also get strolling headings so you locate the right transport without a doubt.

7. Smarter Siri

The new Siri in iOS 9 will now offer key data and valuable proposals to the client even before they request it! For example, if a client goes to a particular espresso joint regular at 6pm, Siri will consequently let him know the amount of time he will take to achieve the espresso joint when he leaves home around that time. With Siri having the capacity to handle numerous more demands and questions, it is clearly getting route more astute than some time recently.

8. Updates on Wallet

Wallet is the new name given to Passbook in iOS 9 and with this name change comes a few new components as well! Wallet will effectively hold credit cards and membership and rewards card.

9. Notes application

The new notes application will permit a user to make an agenda of stuff to be done effectively while also permitting photographs or web connections to be added to any particular note. For the those who like to dive into subtle elements, they can draw a portrayal with their finger right alongside the note. Additionally, changes made to the note will be updated automatically on iCloud.com and across all devices used by that user.

10. Better security

Users will have the capacity to keep their devices much more secure with iOS 9 as the Apple ID secure will mean to ensure the client’s close to home data. The new form of the OS will reinforce security by means of the password and make it difficult for others to become acquainted with a subtle elements and to his Apple ID account.

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