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Tag2M: Discover the World Around You

Bluetooth mobile marketing applications

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Offers, discounts or deals people are always looking around if they can get something special today from their favourite restaurants, book stores and shopping centres whenever they are out. This concept is a bridge between the retailers and the customers. It helps retailers to

send out what offers they have in store for the customers passing by with the help of Estimote beacons. Let us know more about this amazing product and how it can be beneficial to the retailers and customers.

What is Tag2M?

Tag2M is a bluetooth mobile marketing application. It aims to revolutionize the way customers and businesses connect. The Tag platform allows users to interact with merchants in real-time, based on their location and proximity to stores. Through the use of our unique system, Tag users receive coupons and promotions from their favorite stores, as soon as they come within range.

Top 3 characteristics

Tag is designed to make shopping easy and more enjoyable.

Helps to save money as you can get exclusive discounts with real-time coupons from nearby stores.

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How does it work?

Tag2M uses a small, bluetooth-enabled hardware device called beacons which emits a signal that communicates with mobile devices over short distances. These devices can be attached to many types of surfaces in a physical space and, once attached; they transmit bluetooth signals to smartphones and tablets within a given range.

This means that when people enter your store, drive onto your dealership lot, or walk onto your campus, they’ll have your hyper-local, timely message delivered right to the device they use most often, ensuring that the right people get the right message at exactly the right time.

No more do you need to sign up for text-based notifications and email programs that bother you 24*7! Just get specials that you have assigned as important to you and jsut take advantage of them as much as you can! And then get outside of the areas!

Features of Tag2M

Tag’s web portal is designed for the retailers where they can create campaigns of their offers. In order to do so they need to purchase monthly subscription. The portal also offers various analytics like how many clicks did this campaign got? How many opened them? How many of them were male, female? Which location? Which age? Etc. This information garnered helps the merchants to re-write required strategies for customer engagement. Retailers get a clear idea of what’s happening, what is the behavior of customers and how effective their campaign is.

Let’s Get Started

In order to receive the offers from the stores, customers need to download Tag2M mobile app which is free and available on iTunes as well as on Google play stores. When these users will enter retail store will receive push notification about the offers at the time they are in the range of the beacon placed near by connected store. These notifications are none other than the campaigns created by the retail store.


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