Spotnify: Hyperlocal Engagement. Revolutionized: A newly launched iBeacon app by Whitelotus Corporation - Whitelotus Corporation

Spotnify: Hyperlocal Engagement, Revolutionized: A newly launched iBeacon app by Whitelotus Corporation.

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Hyperlocal engagement is a key factor that helps businesses to connect with their audience. How can it be made more effective, more meaningful and result oriented? This newly launched Hyperlocal Engagement platform called Spotnify makes it a reality. Spotnify means ‘Spot Notifications’.

How it Works?

Spotnify app connects with the beacons to raise contextual awareness about the happenings at the spots around you. It is a near-field text delivery system that utilizes Bluetooth communication technology to send real time notifications to a mobile app via Estimote ibeacon.

This concept works with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices beacons. Spotnify has two types of users ‘Spots’ and ‘Normal users’. Now, what are spots? These spots could be retailers, book shops, coffee shops, restaurant, hotels, museums, events, some public place like gardens, transportation hubs, airports, etc. All they need is to deploy beacons at their spots and run campaigns which they would like to send to their target audience.

Once the beacon gets detected at a particular spot, it will send spot notification on the smart device of the user. This spot notification is the information campaigns ran by the spot owners. For retailers it will be a marketing campaign that they may wish to run. For the coffee shops and restaurants, it could be offers about the festive season or happy hours or any special event. At public place like transportation hubs these spot notifications could be information regarding timings of the metro trains, buses and their schedule, change or delay info. Similarly for it can be used at the Airports for the purpose to enrich customers experience by providing those hands on information about flight info, change, delay, boarding time and gate or offers at the Duty free shops / Airport lounge. At museum it can be used to send information about the art piece exhibited, floor plan and navigation around the museum thereby enhancing visitor’s experience by interactivity


Spotnify for Spot Owners:

Spotnify provides two types of features in the dashboard to these spot owners.

1) To run campaign about all the happenings at their spot and

2) Analytics of this campaign which in turn will be helpful for these spots to determine how well their campaign worked? Was it a success or not? It will help them tremendously to analyze their user behavior and area of interest based on the number of clicks, how many opened them, at which location, of which gender etc. These numbers are very crucial to determine one’s running marketing strategy and based on the analysis at the end of campaign they can work out on what worked in the favor and what did not.

Spotnify for Users:

Spotnify app for the users will allow them to remain engaged with the spots around them. At their favorite restaurant, they can get daily offers or deals. If they are visiting a museum they will get notified about the monument exhibited there. At various such spots the users can take the benefit of Spotnify to get all the happenings. It is important that bluetooth and internet is kept on, on their smartphones. Notification screen lists all the received info from the spots. Users can find spots which are part of Spotnify based on city, state or by distance. They can even mark their favorite spots. App also provides facility to the users to block any spot if they decide not to get informed from them.

For example:

If a clothing store is running campaigns on women’s day for special offers on their clothes and accessories, it is very important for this store to determine which offer worked well. Did they receive more clicks on the offer related to the clothes or the women were more focused on the accessories? Above that if they found that more percent of ‘Male’ users are taking advantage of this Women’s day offer by shopping for their wife, girlfriend, sister or mother, these retailers can determine future course of action plan on Women’s day to generate more sales by introducing offers which can attract more ‘Men’ to come, buy and enjoy more discounts.

After the end of the Women’s day these clothing line found out that our campaign worked well for the Women from age 30 -40 years. Women below age of 30 and above 40 didn’t gather much response. So from next time the clothing line has to come out with a campaign that attracts women of all the age.

On a contrary, for the Male users between age 25 – 35 the campaign worked so well as these Male may have purchased clothes and accessories for their wife, girlfriend, sister and mother.
Spotnify is a currently in Beta version and freely available for the Spot owners to get enrolled. The mobile app for the users is free and available on iTunes and Google play store. Sign up now, run campaigns, link beacons with your campaigns, Get ready for the Hyperlocal engagement.

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