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ScrubUp – Surgical preferences at your fingertips

June 29, 2016
July 29, 2016

ScrubUp – Surgical preferences at your fingertips


ScrubUp - Surgical preferences at your fingertips


ScrubUp is an all-inclusive surgical preference tool targeted to assist all members of the peri-operative team including surgical technologists, instrument & circulating nurses & operating department personnel, in addition to surgeons & surgical assistants.


Our ScrupUp APP has application across not just Australia, but has medical and surgical application in the UK, USA / US, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Germany, Korea, and China. So if you’re in London, New York, San Francisco, California, Texas, Florida, or even Houston, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles, this will work for you.


  1. ScrubUp is divided into surgical specialties & preloaded with surgical procedures -all data can be edited, altered & saved, or delete and add your own procedures.
  2. Each procedure is simplified into steps to help support the OR tech, nurse, ODP.
  3. ScrubUp categorises OR equipment, including surgical instruments, prep solutions, dressings, drains, disposables & also has steps on prepping a patient & draping a patient & positioning.
  4. You can customise everything to meet your own OR needs.
  5. Surgeons can save & share their specific preferences with their teams.


Allis Technology is the voice behind ScrubUp and as a senior instrument nurse and having worked as a perioperative nurse educator, Allis Technology, understands the anxiety & frustration perioperative staff are exposed to when scrubbing for a procedure and surgeon they may be unfamiliar with. ScrubUp is designed to help alleviate this anxiety and pressure. We all know the operating room can be a tense environment, which is why it’s important to be as organised and informed as possible.

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