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Baggr Caddies

July 29, 2016
November 8, 2016

Baggr Caddies


Baggr Caddies – Carrying the Game




Baggr connects golfers with experienced caddies to help them enjoy golf courses around the country. The app sign-up is quick with a valid email address and mobile phone number. Requests for single bag (1 walking player per caddie), double bag (2 walking players per caddie), and forecaddie options (2-4 cart riding players per caddie) are available for golfers at a variety of courses in the Pinehurst golf region of North Carolina as we launch the app. More regions and states will become available soon. We will try our best to match you with caddies wherever you want to play, but keep in mind that some courses have their own caddie programs already, and some courses do not currently allow Baggr to find caddies for golfers at their facilities.


The Baggr app uses push notifications to alert golfers when their caddie requests have been filled. Payment using credit card or PayPal is quick and easy within the app. Gratuities for caddies are paid in cash, and the app will let you know recommended tipping rates based on caddie type. Once the round is complete, golfers can quickly give their caddies and the Baggr community feedback using our star rating system.

While Baggr has strict requirements and vetting procedures for the caddies that utilize the network, caddies are independent contractors and not employees of Baggr, LLC, or the golf courses where you might arrange to meet them, or you as a golfer.



Baggr gives caddies a smartphone-based platform to find jobs at nearby courses. After providing details about yourself and your experience, Baggr works to quickly validate our caddies so they can begin accepting jobs from the Baggr network. Once validated, caddies if eligible and available, can be alerted to golfer requests based on a variety of factors that contribute to an overall caddie suitability algorithm. If a particular request does not suit your schedule or you just don’t want or cannot make it work, simply decline the request.


Caddies are able to specify whether they want or prefer double bag and forecaddie jobs, and are asked to tell us what weekdays they generally CANNOT work (AM and/or PM). Caddies can update their address and other preferences easily as they move from place to place to make sure caddie offers stay relevant. After completed rounds, caddies are forwarded their accepted base rate via ACH, PayPal, or biweekly check through the mail.


If you are under 18 years of age, you are only eligible to use the Baggr application in conjunction with assignments at your affiliate course. So-called freelance caddie requests at courses without a caddie manager are only offered to individuals 18 years of age and older. Caddies that utilize the Baggr application and network are independent contractors and not employees of Baggr, LLC, or the golf courses where they may arrange to meet golfers, or any golfer.

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