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How to Upscale the Mobile app Traffic and Boost the App Revenue?

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As a mobile application development company with 10 years of expertise in app development services, we have closely observed the relationship between internet traffic and revenue generation with the success of a mobile app.

Did you know that 90% of total internet traffic is generated from mobile apps and only 10% of traffic is generated by internet surfing?

A well-designed fully featured superior-quality app with advanced functionalities can be a hit for sure.

What matters is the long-term result. How many users download your app, how much average traffic your app can fetch at defined intervals, what is the conversion rate of your audience, and most importantly, how much revenue is your app generating?

In this blog, we are sharing with you some amazing ways to ace your revenue game. So let us delve deeper.

10 ways to Upscale your Mobile app Traffic and boost the App revenue..

1. Orchestrate Marketing Strategy in Advance:

Marketing is a crucial factor that decides the success rate of your app. We know you are already aware of that. The question is, what is the right time to start marketing your app?

Often entrepreneurs wait for a green signal from their app development team to activate their marketing team. By doing this, they are not giving enough time to the audience to mark their presence. So, after its launch, instead of making money, the app gets busy handling audience encounters.

The right time to start promoting your app is at the incubation stage. Orchestrate your marketing strategy while designing the app development workflow. Getting your marketing strategy ready means:

  1. You have a pitch ready for the investors and the audience.
  2. You know which resources are required to market the app. If there is a void, you can produce them before the time comes.
  3. You are manifesting the app and there is no looking back.

2. Pre-launch & Post-launch campaign:

Start your pre-launch campaign ahead of the release and continue the post-launch campaign for a significant period.

Pre-launch marketing lays the foundation of your app. Once your app enters the market, it enters into competition with other apps. It ensures that the audience is aware of your app and helps you understand the target audience better. So that before launch, you can fill the voids.

Post-launch marketing is long-term; conserve your energy and resources to last until the end. While budgeting the mobile app development cost, make a separate budget for post-launch marketing.

Furthermore, presenting your mobile app physically to your audience by organising promotions or taking your app to events can be a great way to reach your audience.

Advertise in all possible means and make sure you reach the maximum audience.

3. Launch a Teaser Website:

Launching a teaser website two months before the app launch can be a cool idea for pre-launch marketing. A landing page works too. You can also make a teaser video of your app and add it to your website or as a video on YouTube.

Make the audience curious by giving a sneak peek into your app to increase their appetite for your app. You can also try ‘early bird offers’ on your website by offering rewards to the first-comers (loyalty points, wallet currency, or in-app purchase vouchers).

4. Digital Marketing with SEO and SMM:

Firstly, hire an app development service provider having a versatile team of experts. An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant can help you optimize your content according to the google ranking factors. This will increase your google ranking, and audience reach, as well as boost the number of app downloads. SEO content can help your app fetch more traffic and thereby generate more revenue.

Talking of SMM (Social Media Marketing), take your content online to all social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, and others. Deploy every possible means for SMM, as this is the best way to mark your presence in the mobile app market.

5. Pitch to App Review Websites:

There are many websites online having a loyal fan following. Opinions of such website matters. Request one of these websites to create a buzz about your app on their webpage by ASO (App Store Optimization).

6. Advertise the Experience, not the App:

When we talk of advertising, we mean advertising the experience that the users enjoy by downloading your app. Users are not at all interested in the technicalities of your app. Too much information for explaining every little thing about your app can bore and confuse them.

So, represent your app in a context that how it going to simplify the user’s life. And most importantly, how your app offers a completely different experience than your competitors.

7. Exercise Content Marketing:

Make your content viral. Try content marketing through eBooks, blog posts, case studies, white papers, or any other means that can steer the users to download the app. With internal linking and clear CTAs (Call to Action), you can motivate your users to opt for app downloads.

Creating videos is a great way of communication, as you can convey your message with visuals. Also, many users prefer watching more than reading. An engaging video in which a tech-savvy shows the pros of your app using real-life situations can help you fetch traffic organically.

8. Dynamically Incentivized Business Model:

Incentives drive decision-making. Incentives control actions with technology and encourage choices with social algorithms.

Incentives are dynamic and change with user behaviour. These can drastically increase user engagement. For example, hashtags, emoticons to express emotions, animated GIFs, and threads, are some of the engagement incentives that motivate users to enter a conversation and thereby increase engagement rate.

9. Focus on UI & UX:

An excellent UI is vital for great UX. Over 40% of customers are likely to return if they had a good first impression and first experience while using an app.

The UI of your app must be simple, clean, easy to use, fast, and attractive. How your UI interacts with the users decides whether the user will continue with your app or not. It also greatly influences app traffic, user engagement, conversion rate, and revenue generation.

Flutter framework is a good choice for building apps, as it renders beautiful UI that works seamlessly on all devices. For this, you can hire flutter app developer. If you are considering development in JavaScript, you can hire react native app developer. If you want to develop your app for iOS first, hire swift app developer. Hiring an expert is the best thing to do when it comes to app development.

Hire our UI/UX Design Services world wide

10. Prioritize Privacy and Security factors:

Over 64% of users fear identity theft while using a new app. And, 53% of users are likely to uninstall an app immediately after installation if they find that the app is demanding more than requires, irrelevant personal data.


Get Paid Per Click:

Do this when your app garners a satisfactory amount of traffic. You have an audience, so you can put your app on a display with advertisements from relevant brands. This is a good way to get your app to make money. When the users click the website or watch ads, you get paid per click.

Consider Opinions of Millennials and GenZ:

This is the most underrated yet crucial factor to consider, as it highly impacts mobile app traffic and revenue generation. Let us draw its importance by giving you some statistics:

  • 41% of millennials go for an app having less pushy notifications and CTAs (Call to Action).
  • 48% of millennials value unique features & functionalities in a mobile app.
  • 61% of millennials avoid using mobile apps that require two hands for operating.
  • Over 35% of millennials vouch for apps that use less data.
  • 29% of millennials prefer battery-saving apps.

So, if you want to fetch more traffic and generate decent revenue, target millennials and the GenZ audience.

Monetize a Free App:

For making money through apps, it is not necessary that you monetize your app. Free apps sum up to 98% of the global app revenue. Some of the ways to monetize your app are:

  • Freemium app models
  • Subscriptions-based app models
  • In-app purchases
  • App wallet & app currency
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Partially free content and purchase subscription for premium or VIP content

Wrapping up,

According to the global market insights provided by Statista, the revenue generated by mobile apps in 2020 was over USD 318 billion and it expected to garner USD 613 billion by 2025. Double in 5 years!

So, we have provided enough statistics on how apps are fetching traffic and generating revenue. Your app can turn into a mint if precisely strategised with expert consultancy.

We at Whitelotus Corporation are one of the top mobile application development company developing superior quality mobile apps for 10 years. We understand all facets of the Global Market. We have a versatile team of developers and an expert team in Digital Marketing. We have seen many ideas manifesting into profitable apps. We can get your existing app to start making money for you, as well as we can help you build your dream app by having an expert team (in every field) at your disposal. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us NOW!

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