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EvolveSMS 4.0 Comes With New Android Phones

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The SMS application that accompanies new Android phones tends to suck in somehow. Why is the interface so revolting? Bah, exchanging between discussions is so unbalanced. Samsung, what’s happening with you? Motorola, the old Messaging application no more feels stock―it just feels old.

When you approach a companion for good choices, don’t be surprised if you hear from them to say about EvolveSMS. Not just is the application beautiful, the combination of using of the side panel to list conversations and swiping left or right to switch between them is just amazing.

Presently new version 4.0 arrives. Sadly, you’re not going to get the chance to appreciate most new components only yet without the right equipment. There’s Android Marshmallow support, which is more about the future than the present. There’s unique mark verification, which is extraordinary for people whose telephones can read fingerprints. At that point there’s another Android Wear application for people who happen to claim one of those smartwatches.

For the record, the application is really cool. You can scan through the greater part of your discussions, swipe all through them, skim dialog, and identify with answer.

Changes that influence all clients incorporate another presentation screen (however you will just see this in case you’re introducing the application interestingly, not overhauling) and an upgraded Settings interface. There’s additionally support for new include identifications, case you’re utilizing an outsider launcher like Nova or Action Launcher that affix the quantity of approaching writings you have to the application’s symbol.

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The overhaul is as yet advancing out, so you may not yet get it from the Play Store.

What’s New:

  1.  Full Android Marshmallow support
  2.  Android Wear app to view and chat with friends from your watch
  3.  Revised intro screen for new users
  4.  Fingerprint authentication on supported devices
  5.  Find nearby friends and share contact information
  6.  Updated settings
  7.  UIEasy method for sending feedback
  8.  Support for launcher unread count badges
  9.  And WAY more!
  10.  See the Get Help section of settings for a full change log!

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